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Stress & RLS (additional symptom of feet rubbing)


Awake again! Does anybody have their RLS triggered by stress? Mine has been keeping me awake for the last 2 months pretty much every night, I can sleep during the day, but not at night. Also, does anybody rub their feet together to help alleviate the symptoms? I seem to be doing it all the time and it's driving my husband nuts, he keeps shouting at me about it.

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I do that all the time...I do it also when I have no symptoms s now a habit and I don't realise I'm doing it....and I'm sure it starts the symptoms off sometimes. I'm certain my rls is made worse with stress....either good stress or bad. If I'm in a difficult life situation its like my inner self is warning me to run away...I can't explain it very well but I'm sure rls is sometimes a symptom of what your inner soul is feeling

Hello there. A neurologist has told me that stress can make any illness worse including RLS. I hope things improve for you.

thedragon in reply to peterk

stress causes rls...rls causes stress..causes al sorts like cancer, heart disease hope for us really ha ha .....pass the gun!!!!

Stress definitely affects my RLS - so much so that I was told by my GP to stop looking after an elderly friend with FTD. I'd done it for 3 years -coincidentally the exact amount of time I've suffered badly with it! I've handed on the care to the 'professionals' and I notice the RLS is less troublesome - it's still there but diminishing slowly.

Sadly we all get stressed because of the frustration and lack of sleep caused by ...RLS.


Yes, same here, i think its just a reaction as our legs and feet are bothering us, and i try not to let myself get stressed, as i have high blood pressure. My gp has said that stress will make you rls and bp worse.

nightdancer in reply to Hidden

Sleep deprivation is linked DIRECTLY to blood pressure issues, and yes, stress. I can bring my bp down by at least ten points by sitting quietly and doing deep breathing. Works every time! It takes practice , though. And, yes, I am on bp meds, also. Caregiving both my parents over the last ten yrs (now just my mother) has put stress on me. I also lost 45 lbs, and that helps, too, to bring it down.

Stress will make anything worse, and being shouted at, you are probobly expecting it now, so you are stressed even before he gets mad, which I find inexcusable. The legs have to move, so rubbing your feet together is one way to move them to maybe get some relief. We ALL move our legs/feet to some degree when we are uncomfortable, but to be shouted at is horrible. It is a neurological disease. If you had tremors from Parkinson's, or other neuro disease that have no cure, would he shout at you then? I know lots of people/family members that do not "get it" or understand, but stressing you out and yelling at you for something you cannot control and that makes you miserable is inexcusable in my book. I wish I could tell you how to make it all stop, the shouting (been there) and the RLS. Just know you are not alone, and behavior like that is NOT supporting your mate, as in "sickness and health". I suppose he refused to read any web sites I gave you before. Usually people that do not understand RLS just refuse to want to know. I suppose suggesting he go to the doctor with you is out of the question. Have you been officially diagnosed with RLS. I have worn holes in my sheets from my feet moving all night when I am asleep. Have ruined 7 pairs of sheets so far, and they`are way beyond repair at this point. Write any time. Would you like my email? It aways upsets me when one of the members in my groups (I am just a member here from the US) are on the receiving end of extremely bad behavior by family members or friend or co-workers.


Hiyas! Thank you for your reply, I try to control it all, I pick skin off my fingers and toes too, I'm sure that's stress related too. I'd love your email, you seem like a lovely person :0)


EveW in reply to Nikki841973

My RLS suddenly got much much worse, and though I didn't realise it at the time, it was when my Dad's cancer started causing problems, almost to the day. The following 2 and half years until his death this year were horribly stressful, and my legs were very bad, and although my legs are a bit better now, they are no where near as good as before all the stress started. So, yes, in me stress is something which hugely exacerbates RLS.

I can understand it a bit partner had a frozen shoulder...very painful that lasted for months!! Talk about winge, moan and winge...I was very tempted to say OH just MAN UP and SHUT UP!!! and there`s me going on about my troubles and wanting sympathy!!!!!!! I could never be a nurse!!!

Hi Nikki. Have not tried rubbing my feet. I usually have to walk round, but just standing still can help at nights (not much fun though!) Stress makes it worse without a doubt.

Hope you can get some relief soon.


Hi Niki - Stress is one of the worst things for R.L.S. you need to sleep elsewhere until you settle a bit with the condition because the stress of keeping your partner awake makes the whole thing a viscous circle. Rubbing or deep massage on your feet does help

I rub my feet together all the time, its almost automatic

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