new patches appear to be working to a point?

zappa here some good reports ,out of approx 21 for the patches , first 16 patches 1&2 mgs not much happening but last five application at last some working five nights, with around 5 hours sleep except for yesterday three hours in agony two hours of sleep!! so will stick at it for another couple of weeks using 3 mg patches will report back

good luck every body ZAPPA

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  • You are very persistent! 👍🏻 Hope it gets better still in the days tp come.

    Never have been on any patches myself.

  • 3mg seems quite a high dose, I kept passing out on 2mg but I do have low blood pressure.

  • The 3mgs is the highest dose and is allowed.

  • What is on the patches? I see the mg and how many but what is it?

  • The name of the patch is Neupro Patch, its a dopamine med and works 24hrs changed after 24hrs, comes in 1mg, 2mg and 3mg.

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