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what drugs are opiates

I do not quite understand all these drugs and what are opiates. I take ropinerole (an opiate I think) and have done from before NICE approved of them. (Did the drugs trial for Glaxo) Hate taking them but being in Wales that is all my local health authority will approve (pay for) Have started taking Tremadol (is this an opiate???) due to augmentation and have cut down the Ropinerole by half with the help of homeopathic dopamine. Now worried about the effect of Tremadol taking 2 x 50mg a day, anyone have any info on this. Because my GP cannot or will not help this is my only route!!!!!

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Ok, first, Ropinerole is not an opiate, its a dopamine agonist, the same as pramipexole and the Neupro Patch.

Tramadol, is an opiate, a man made one. explains about Tramadol on the treatment page.

Dont worry about taking the Tramadol, and it is a small dose you are on. Lots of people use just Tramadol for their RLS. I wish i could take Tramadol, but it makes me sick. If it takes care of the RLS, then it can be better than the other meds.

I dont understand what homeopathic dopamine is...

Also on the website i have mentioned you will see most of the other medications we use over here in the UK. even tho that site is an a American one, i look at that site alot as it gives the best info on RLS than any other...

Just googling a medication can also give you info about that particular med you are using or even before you start it...


You really have to do what Elisse said. Look up theses meds. all info is readily available on the internet. is a good place to look up all drugs. is one of the best RLS web sites. I have no idea wat homeopathic dopamine is. What is the name of the product you are taking. That worries me a bit, I am VERY skeptical of homeopathic dopamine. Like Elisse said, Requip, Mirpeax, and Neupro are ALL dopamine aginists, not in the opiate family, not even close. You and everyone else need to know what kind of meds you are taking. Do you not get leaflets from the pharmacist. There are a lot of drugs that can make RLS worse, so that is why I push and push these reputable web sites. We have to learn as much as possible and always know what you are putting in your body. Opiates are strong pain killers. They are used for RLS, like I use them. Dopamine agonists are basically Parkinson's drugs. I cannot stress enough the need to know what meds you are being given before you leave the doctor's office. Tramadol is a synthetic opaits, so chances of addiction are small. If you are taking ANY med whether it is a prescription or over the counter,homeopathic, please look up all side effects and read about interactions with oher meds. HOmeopathic stuff can be as bad as the real thing if you have problems with it. Knowlegde is power, s please do look up all meds. It will make you fel better, and gve you a talking point or two with your doctor. WE have to help ourselves and lean as much as we can. So start reading. We can hekp you with any question, but please at least know wat class of meds you are taking, BEFORE (emphasis)

you actually take them. I am begging. :o)


I see you asked this under a blog, too. did you read our answers here???


Opiates have to be prescribed by a doctor.

They are reserved for severe pain usually.

I do worry that some people may make themselves toxic by

mixing up herbs and homeopathic remedies.

Ask the Pharmacist or a doctor before you get all ready to

take multiple pills.

Some herbs are actually prescription medicines in some countries.

Red Ginger Root is one of those *used in India for pain, inflammation.

There are many others as well.

Mixed together, it may become something else. So check with the

doctor. =)


See my post up top. We always tell people to look up meds and interactions. There are a lot of different treatments for RLS, and of course, we get the prescriptions from our doctors.



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