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Is FODMAP diet useful for RLS even if no digestive issues?

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I realize most (if not all) of us with RLS need to avoid caffeine, sugar, gluten and antihistamines. I've read where some of us have found some relief by following the FODMAP diet, which is beneficial for those with any kind of inflammatory bowel disease. I have leaky gut and the consequences of that (food intolerances, mostly) but am looking for ways to reduce the dosages of the meds for RLS I'm taking, so ... my question is, those of you who've tried the diet but who aren't plagued by inflammatory gut issues, did it help your RLS? Please share your experience with the diet. It's moderately restrictive, I note. It's basically an elimination diet. Follow the "Yes" list strictly for two to six weeks, then start adding in, one by one, foods you really miss that are on the "No" list. If you then can tolerate them, great! If not, then you have learned another trigger for your RLS which I suspect you will want to avoid forever, just to get some sleep!

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It's not just inflammatory gut. Your personal choice of trigger will set you off at any time.The Fodmap diet is essentially an elimination technique, and very efficient at pinpointing triggers.

Look up an anti inflammatory diet, or a few anti inflammatory diets as there can be slight variations. Two things to avoid if you have inflammation issues are processed foods containing emulsifiers. These are basically detergents which can strip the mucous lining from the gut walls. The second thing to avoid is refined grain oils which cause oxidative stress.

There is a guy who posts on a US RLS forum who reckons the fodmap diet eliminated his diet. Type 'bb rls org' into your browser to get there. I think his user name is 'notnowdad'. You could check his posts.

Actually, I just checked and it was a low oxalate diet that notnowdad followed - not fodmap but I'm pretty sure I have read of someone who found fodmap helpful for their rls.

There have been a few posts on low FODMAP diet on this forum. Someone by the handle Graham396 (or similar) has reported on his experience on this regime.

I followed strict paleo for 12 months, didn't help at all. Then followed low FODMAPS for 6 months. Again, no change. I then followed a vegan diet for 6 months. No change.Diet definitely helps some so it's worth trying but bear in mind it won't help everyone.

You won't know it helps until you try but if I were you, I would stay on any diet you choose for 3 months max.

Also, adding sugar and carbs and coffee back into my diet improved my RLS. Sugar, coffee and alcohol are fine for many of us.

As Involuntary Dancer says, WAAD ( we are all different).

We have a really strict anti inflammatory diet, and while it might help, it doesn’t diminish his symptoms. He still struggles greatly. For some people though who don’t have as bad of a problem, I believe diet can surely be a cure.

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