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Hi! It’s me, GratitudeFirst! I changed my username and am no longer frequenting the forum “Anxiety and Depression” for reasons that are personal. Anyway, I purchased some Red Vein-Thai Kratom yesterday at that convenience store I mentioned. It’s in capsule form at 1/2 gram per capsule. I took one yesterday evening before my symptoms started and I haven’t had any! This is encouraging and may just help me wean off Mirapex if I get real lucky! I have to work the next 3 days and it will be a good test to see how well it really works. The excessive activity from work aggravates my legs. Wishing everyone sweet dreams!!

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You won’t get far 🏃‍♀️X

Wow!!! That’s great news!!

where did you get your kratom from please as i would like to try it

Good luck with it, gratitude. I hope it continues to work. Someone posted on here a couple of months ago that Kratom got them through the d/a withdrawal with relative ease.

Usually Kratom only works for about 4 hours and then another dose is required. It is possible to develop a dependency and there will be ensuing withdrawals should you discontinue it but they are relatively manageable and should only last a few days. You might avoid them altogether by taking a break from the Kratom every few days.

Good luck Gratitude! I have also wanted to try kratom. Just received it today. I ordered the powder form. I figure if I can stomach wheatgrass (not so bad) and spirulina (Yuck!) I can deal with the taste of kratom. I'll try it over the weekend and see how I feel. I'm trying to get off tramadol.

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I mix mine with a bit of orange juice. Goes down much easier than the powder alone.

Good luck! Three years off mirapex this month! As I continue to heal the kratom helps me more consistently. Many pharma. Free attempts didn’t work great before but now my body seems more receptive. Revisit all failed attempts. I never in a millions years would’ve believed I could’ve slept an entire night like I did last night with nothing NOT EVEN KRATOM or cbd like I use most nights. I went to bed and woke up IN THE MORNING!

Best of luck and congrats on getting off the DA!

Hi, Hidden.

I was on pramipexole (generic of Mirapex), taking four a night if I recall correctly, along with 25 mg a day of oxycodone. I believe each pramipexole was the standard dose (.125 mg?). I decided to wean myself off of it. Each time I downshifted (four to three, three to two, two to one), it was difficult, and it got more difficult each time. I don't think I could have done it without the oxycodone. Then, when I was down to one pramipexole per day plus the oxy, I tried kratom based on reports on this site. Wow. It worked immediately and relieved my daytime symptoms better than the oxy. That first night, I was afraid to mix the kratom with the meds, so I decided to just leave off the pramipexole and oxy altogether, and just stick with the kratom. I slept better than I had in a long time, and I had no withdrawal symptoms - and I had been taking the oxy for a couple of years. It was only later that I learned that kratom is also used to help people wean off opioids. That was the end of my use of pramipexole, and pretty much the end of my use of oxy.

As you've probably read through the many postings on this site, it seems that everyone's experience is a little different, so you'll want to listen carefully to your own body and advisors. If you decide to wean off the pramipexole, I suggest that you do it slowly, one capsule or tablet at a time, and then stay at that level for a week or so to let your body stabilize. I'm not a doctor, but I do recall my own doctor recommending that I titrate slowly with the pramipexole.

Best of luck in your healing journey.

-- Doug

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I do hope to end my dependence on tramadol. I used to smoke for 14 years. I felt like it controlled my life. I feel like tramadol does the same. I'm slave to doctor visits getting refills, each time knowing it's not getting to the root of the issue and really just creating more for me down the line. Glad it worked for you

Hello Hidden,

Dancer is right, All decent purveyors of Kratom suggest a regular substance holiday -check all the reputable websites.

Kratom works on the opioid receptors, and can certainly become addictive. But it is also used to helped addicts to more powerful opioids to wean off.

Please keep us posted.

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