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There is a treatment


Watching programme on tv about restless legs. Difficult to watch so much suffering.

My neurologist is a specialist in sleep disturbances and treats my restless legs with iron tablets. The brain of people with restless legs seems to need more iron which works as a co-enzyme on the dopamine system. The usual tests for iron deficiency don’t indicate deficiency. Ferritin is more helpful but people with restless legs need a level that is mid to high.

When I notice my legs getting restless, I pop some iron pills and eat a few steaks.

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Oh that it were that simple!

Ferritin is not the full answer- I had 1400 and raging rls.

Rls is extremely complex- no simple solutions for most people.

That programme is not representative of the majority of people on this forum.

We get off our bums and do something about it. Like you have done.😉

Oh- it's much too late to be ranting at the phone- goodnight! 😎😴

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I have had it for ages -my doctor gave me super balneum plus cream & it has worked for me ever since

Do you get tgen from Dr or can I take ones from health shop?

What oil do you use?

This "magic oil" is cbd oil- which - from users on this site , has not helped with rls.

It is not the same as cannabis oil with active ingredient of thc. As far as I am aware.

It seems to be a commercial plug for a franchise selling business.

It is not "magic".

Check out the story behind Lorenzos oil.

Hi Annbird and thank you for your post. It is refreshing to have someone come on here and post about a non-pharmaceutical treatment that has a basis in current scientific thinking. Iron is a very useful treatment for the vast majority of RLS sufferers - there is the occasional curmeogen like mad-legs who is not helped by it - and a very solid starting point for treatment.

It is worth bearing in mind that serum ferritin levels should be checked (a simple blood test from your GP) before starting iron as too high iron levels can be dangerous.

If it works for you that's great but something like 70% of people with RLS also have SIBO. SIBO can lead to systemic inflammation and autoimmune changes (which can result in the nerves being attacked in RLS) and SIBO induced inflammation can increase hepcidin (the main hormone responsible for regulating iron).

I deal with the root cause, not the symptoms. When I have the SIBO under control the RLS just goes away. I do this by eating a plant based diet.


I have a good ferritin level 108 in fact the last time i was tested. So, no iron does not help alot of people. For people with Primary RLS, the genetic type, its harder to treat than someone with a underlying condition called Secondary RLS. treating the underlying condition can help.

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