Is there such a thing as restless body syndrome?

For the past year or so I have found it almost impossible to get sleep at night no matter what I do. I get in bed usually quite tired and right away it starts. First a tightness and tingling in my legs that makes me want to stretch them; then everywhere in my body; my arms, my shoulders, my back, it's almost like there is something forcing me to move all my muscles and and it continuous. I've not been to a doc for this because it's so hard to describe. I don't even know what kind of doc to see. All I know is I feel like I'm coming out of my skin with this and most nights don't get to sleep until 4 or 5 or not at all in the morning. I'm exhausted and today for the first time in a long time i found myself napping in my lounge chair. It was heavenly. I definitely need help. I've heard of restless syndrome but I've never heard of restless body syndrome. What causes it? How do I get some relief? I take lorazapam to help me sleep and also trazedone and even that combination isn't helping much. I need sleep just like most other people; but I don't know how to go about getting it anymore. I used to be a great sleeper. What has happened to me. by the way I am a 72 year old married woman.

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  • I had restless legs my whole life until a few years ago when my back and arms joined in the fun! It seems RLS can get worse and pollute the whole body - when things are bad I am flailing around like a puppet being jerked around on a string. It is terribly painful and debilitating but thankfully drugs are keeping it at bay.

    So yes it can become whole body restlessness :(

    Have you had a change in drugs recently? If the Trazadone is new it could be the culprit!

  • Lorezapam seems to have an effect on some people in rls (as in making it worse)

    I don't know about the trazadone , but a lot of medications can affect rls. See the list on or rlsuk .

    Sleeping pills are a two edged sword as they can be addictive or cause rebound insomnia.

    I do hope you find some help soon - it's an awful affliction to be experiencing.

  • Thank you Madlegs1..Just knowing there are others out there who also suffers from this helps me. I will check the lists you mention after I have a cup of weak coffee.-

  • Thank you for your reply. I have cut back on the lorazapam and trazadone and I have tried taking flexeril (for my bad back) and I don't know if it's coincidence or not but I've slept better since I've done these things. I'll have to see if it continues.

  • Thank you for your feedback raffs. I haven't really had a change in medications lately. I did skip the Trazadone last night but I still only slept one hour. I do take a lot of medication; but nothing new. Thank you for your feed back. It is so greatly appreciated to know that I am not the only one to experience this miserable situation.

  • There alot of meds that can make RLS worse so check out the websites that Madlegs has recommended. and RLS is progressive. But there are medications which can help to give relief. Alot of people suffer with all over body RLS.

  • I have cut back on the lorazapam and Trazadone and am hoping that helps. I have had two good nights sleep since I cut back from two and night of each to one of each at night. Thanks for your suggestions.

  • I've always said it should be called RMS = Restless Muscle Syndrome rather than RLS seeing in most people it affect most of the body like you I get it everywhere too and spend many a nights jiggling about .

  • Yep, RMS is what it should be called. I wonder if the flexeril I started taking at bedtime could be the reason I'm falling asleep easier. Wouldn't that be a great fix. Maybe too good to be true but it is a muscle relaxer. I'll keep taking it and see what happens.

  • Simply, yes.

  • Yes, Restless Leg Syndrome is a poor name for this condition as it affects way more! I've had it in most places, my hips and spine being really awkward, I looked like a contortionist stretching, bending. Flexing and rolling all round the bed .. I'm single and to behonest, I'm not surprised lol

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