Restless Legs Syndrome
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My restless legs explained

I am still very poorly after a long stint of anemia messing with my physiology, however it wasn't diagnosed till last minute and all systems were going down :(. I have hashimoto's disease, i take thyroid hormones. But even your ''own thyroid produced' hormones can 'pool' with iron deficiency, mine did and I became very hypothyroid but with hyperthyroid symptoms, one can have restless legs with just low serum iron, when not even low Hb. I developed many more things because of my overall untreated conditions, but you might not notice much more than the restless legs.

It may happen in too much iron I have no idea about that one.

So if you are interested in this hypothesis anyway, here is a good paper on iron dopamine and thyroid.

hugz and best of luck


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please, i`ll go on any trial or anything at all - my doctor won`t give me the patch, he says its not available in France - I know it is only I`m on social security and probably they won`t pay for it. I really am suicidal - why won`t anyone help me - i am on ropinorole but i need more and more and more


you have to look up info we give and get educated so that when you go the doctor, you will sound more convincing to him/her. Print stuff out, insist on things and MAKE him listen. I have actually blocked the door of an an exam room because the doctor wasa trying to "get away" He is not my doc any more. :) I have "fired" many.. do npot forget, THEY work FOR US. You have to get MAD. might be intersting to you. Ways to cope, and not let RLS get you to the point you are at. That is my web site, plus JIll Gunzel's RIP, who dies of cancer last year. Lots of good sensible tips to keep your self mentally distracted from bad thoughts. also the treatment page on This is the BEST!


Shabbychiclady, i agree with romany, you are having augmentation on the ropinerole, thats when you need to keep upping the dose of the ropinerole to get your RLS to calm. I dont know whether the patch is available in France, i would have thought it was, as its available in Europe. But as romany has said ask for Mirapexin (Pramipexole), its worth trying that one, altho you may get augmentation at some point on that med. too as all dopamine agonists seem to do that eventually.

Or, ask for a pain killer med, Tramadol is one that alot of people use for RLS.

Here is a good website to look at, it gives lots of info on RLS, look at the treatment page, it gives medications to avoid and food and drink, which can make RLS worse for some people

Get to your doctor soon and ask for another med. you need to get off the ropinerole.

Keep us informed, we like to know how people are getting on when they are having problems.


Thanks for the paper ladydawny.. Very interesting, if a little difficult to follow! I don't think there has been any mention of a link between RLS and thyroid problems before on this forum.


Thank you everyone for taking the time over my problem - its very much appreciated.


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