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Restless Legs Syndrome
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Relaxis Pad

Cost is about $700,00 here in the USA. Have not bought it yet but plan to after the holidays. Will use it for 30 days and return it if it doesn’t help enough. I’m also interested in cannibis. Dispensaries are opening this month in Maryland, I want to find a strain that works against these attacks. You probably know that a strain of Mariyana helps stop seizures in epileptics. One of the drugs used for RLS is an anti seizure drug. Could there be a connection? Seems that our RLS brains need to stop firing erratically sending these weird sensations throughout our bodies. The American Epileptic Society is actively pursuing studies of cannibis and epilepsy. Google their site.

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Hi Cheltena, a few people have posted about the Relaxis Pad, with mixed feelings. As everything else, some people will find relief and some won't; we are all so different. If you type Relaxis into the Search box I am sure you will find some posts.

Similarly with cannabis you will find some posts too. As it is illegal here in the UK we might resort to CBD oil (canabidol), which we can buy (psychoactivity removed) and people have reported good results from this. There is a general feeling I think that medicinal cannabis should be available as a pain reliever for many sufferers. Some will disagree.

I hope your trial of the Relaxis Pad is successful and it proves worth the high cost.

Good Luck,



Thank you Neil, I honestly think that Cannibis will be more helpful in the long run than the Relaxis Pad. I think our condition originates in the brain and quieting the erratic signals our brains receive makes more sense to me then a device sending impulses through my skin. Here in the US cannibis is becoming legal in many states but it’ll be a long time before it becomes truly available and until we know which strains are best for our condition. I do think it’s interesting that cannibis helps children with epilepsy and that doctors proscribe an anti seizure drug for RLS. We are no where near total relief, that’s for sure.


I wonder if the TENS machine is available in the States? It has two gel pads that stick to the skin on a thigh, for example, and makes the muscle twitch or ripple just like a massage. It is not a cure but I can sit and let the machine exercise for me, rather than pacing the floor. My machine was cheap but has lasted several years of occasional use.

I take pregabalin now and at the mo it is giving me relief.

Take care,



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