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Restless Legs Syndrome
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CBD oil frustration

Hi, having read all about CBD oil from this site and also online, I decided to order some LoveHemp from CBDoilsuk, and in the meanwhile got some CBD plus from Holland and Barrett, to get me going before the other stuff arrived. I just cant believe it, but it seems to be making my RLS WORSE!!! I had 2 drops am and pm for 48 hours, and my legs steadily ached more and more (the daytime version of my night time RLS) and were worse at night. And that was using the H & Barrett weaker one. I am going to have to send the other stuff back as it is a higher concentration and I cant see that it will do anything other than be even worse! I am going to wait for a week, then try again, just in case. From a recent post I do remember someone saying that they had the same experience as me, but with everyone else it seems to help. Very frustrating, and once again an illustration of how different "our RLS" is. any comments or advice would be very welcome.

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I found CBD on it's own don't help at all with RLS. You need the THC as well. I use cheap weed as I'm poor and top up the CBD levels with a CBD vape. In any case you would be better off with a vape as then your digestive system and liver don't go wasting any of the CBD and is insistently available.

You my find your CBD levels are already good as the human body produces it's own version of CBD. There is even brain receptors to receive just that.


BTW Even with weed it only masks the problem don't help me getting sleep but just make my day so much more bearable.


Thankyou for your reply taylord


Hi taylord, CBD vape? Interesting. How might I acquire this? I use weed for RLS but hate smoking and would love a different form of delivery. So far I can’t get cannabis tea to work. Best wishes. Btw I’m in the U.K.


Hey :) CBD in the UK as you probably know is legal so getting a vape should be easy. I have bought locally from vape shops and I have tried a seller on ebay called ultrauk-group-uk. Once your CBD levels are good you will find the weed will have a grater body effect.

If you got the money then there is sellers that do a full profile vape minus the THC that is. So you end up with CBD, CBG and even the terpene where all the nice tastes comes from. Will have to use google for that as there is loads of sites that do it.

I think if you use high THC weed it ends up depleting your natural CBD levels and I think that is how you get them paranoid weed heads. There was a documentary not to long ago that tested the paranoid thing by giving just THC and again with CBD in with it. The THC buzz was not so nice and did put people a little on edge.

If do get back to work and I got the money then I would just buy a medical CO2 extracted resin off the deep web and make my own vape or buy a medical vape.

BTW I don't smoke my weed I got a dryherb vaporiser called "vapir no2" as combustion wastes so much of the weed and well it tastes very nice this way.

Bit more info than need I'm sure but I'm quite passionate about cannabis lol I'm hoping I've not broken any rules but I think I'm covered by not giving full sourcing info about the illegal parts of this topic.


Terrific! Thanks so much. That’s so helpful. Off to my vape shop now. I have a vaporiser but it doesn’t deliver any effect.

Btw Kratom works well with RLS. But when I have the worst attacks it doesn’t help. Only weed does and saves me from agony and being a total wreck next day.

All the best


Having tried almost everything I have been almost free of RLS for the past 48 hours after taking B12 I have doubled the recommended dose but will reduce it after a few more days, worth a try for you, magnesium helps too


After almost a year I intend to stop wasting my money on magnesium as it makes no difference to my RLS at all. Recently tried Gabapentin as my GP thought it might help my back pain but couldn't eat anything as I felt so ill and my RLS came on really badly and was a 24 hour a day problem.


I am so sorry that CBD oil has not worked for you, I have had instant relief from daytime RLS after the first 2-drop dose placed under the tongue. I still require 0.088 mg Pramipexole to get me through the night, however, which is half my previous dose.

Are you taking other medication which may be interfering? Otherwise, it is one of the mysteries of RLS that some things work some of the time and for some people.

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I don't know enough about the CBD oils to know what may interfere with it, although that is a possibility. I am glad it works for you :)


Are you in uk and which brand do you get


Yes, I am the UK and I buy it from Holland & Barrett. It is normally £19.99 for a 10ml dropper bottle but sometimes reduced by £5, I keep a lookout for that. I use 2-drops under the tongue twice a day and a bottle lasts me almost 1 month.


Hi Tapir, I have looked at how CBD oil works ref interactions with other drugs, and I think I may have the reason why it made my legs worse - apparently CBD oil will potentiate the effect of some drugs that you are taking, increasing the effect, and one class of drugs that is affected are anti-depressants. I am on an SSRI, and know that when I increase the dose, my legs get worse. SO it may be that the CDB oil is increasing the effect of my lower SSRI dose, causing more problems with RLS. Thankyou very much for your suggestion :)


It was disappointing for me too. Gave me an instant headache.


Hope springs eternal!!!!


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