Does Restless Legs Syndrome Ever Go Away by Itself?

Hello everyone.

Hope all ok. I just wanted to get your opinion on this...

I don't want to jinx it but I had over 5days now with no RLS... I am following a strict diet also no caffeine , chocolate and alcohol. I am still taking folic acid, b12 in the morning and magnesium and calcium at 9.30pm. I have now stopped iron as I treat iron like painkiller ...

Any ideas?

Thanks in advance.

All the best,


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  • RLS can go into remission. If the regime you are doing is helping then thats good, but its just keeping the RLS at bay. If you stopped what you are taking etc, no doubt the RLS would come back. Altho i dont understand your reason that iron is a painkiller.

  • Thanks for the reply Elisse.

    I meant I was treating iron like a RLS killer not a painkiller but I have stopped taking it and I am still not getting RLS so for me it seems more iron didn't help. When I was tested they said my iron levels were normal for "normal" people. :) (37) so I think why take anymore if that's not helping me.


  • Maybe for you it is enough and since one's body stores it for some time, maybe you have enough, for now. Maybe you will run out soon an then...

  • Well, I shall see. I don't think it goes away as I had mild one last night. But can't complain as I call myself lucky when compare with others. (Sorry everyone )

    B. X

  • Great news.

    I would reckon that if you have rls that is caused by triggers , and you avoid those triggers- then there is no reason for you to continue to suffer.

    The iron situation will be interesting - 37 is quite low by any standard- so I'll look forward to you not posting on a rebound.😁

    Keep up the good work.

  • I hope so too! It would much nicer if we had a simple problem with a simple solution :))


  • My medication has finally got control over my twitching, I just need help with the insomnia and hypnic jerks and I'll be normal again!!

  • I don't we could ever we normal again :( sad isn't it?

  • Holy moly I am sooo happy for you.

    May the night angels continue to be with you. Happy dance.🎆🎆🎆🎆🎆

  • Thanks a lot. Sending you good vibes too xx

  • That was the key to me finding the food trigger that was the cause of my RLS. It took a while and a couple of red herrings, but I eventually pinned the main one down. Turned out to be an artificial preservative. I'd suggest that you try to list everything you've eaten over the period, and identify something missing that would usually be there regularly. Good luck in the quest.

  • Thank you.


  • Am so pleased for you Bkc, I really hope it stays away.

    I fully believe that there are many cases out there of people who never went to their doctors with their RLS (just look at the numbers who say they suffered from it for 20+ years before consulting a medic) and their RLS simply went away so that the evidence relied on in support of the proposition that it rarely resolves is skewed.

    I have a cousin (male) who experienced it in his 30s but never gets it now (mid 50s). My mother (female - obviously) had it when she was younger but hasn't had it since her mid 60s. She claims a lot of her friends (female) also had it but it resolved for them. In fact she uses this as a reason to infer that I am the odd one for having a version that HASN'T resolved but I think that says more about our relationship than anything else.

  • Thank you. :)

    I think I was lucky that 5 days. It did come back but could cope with it. So can't complain.

    B. X

  • I think you're on to something with your nutrition plan. That was a good roll and may it continue. Maybe as your body adjusts little speed bumps mayou flare up.

    Sleep well friend.

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