copper? ? L-DOPA

I wrote on this forum about two months ago about wearing copper bracelets - one on each arm. I have had no RLS since I have done this and I do not know how to explain it. My daughter who is a pro in natural health medicine bought me a product which she was sure would help me. I have not tried it as I dont need to.It is called

L-DOPA (mucuna pruriens extract) manufactured by HaYa laboratories in Florida.

If you want to try it you can check with your doctor first even though it is classed as a health supplement.

If you do take it please let me know whether it works or not . Good luck.

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  • Its a placebo effect.

  • <rant> Just curious as to why we tell folks that "it is a placebo effect"? Would that not, by definition destroy the intended effect and in turn bring about the dreaded RLS symptoms back into said persons life. Would it not be better to say something along the lines of, " I am glad you found something that has worked for you. " If you feel, you might add, " Others have not had very good results with that." If you are in the habit of covering your bottom. <\rant>

  • The bracelets have been discussed many times on the forum and if you went to look, and most members will either say its a placebo effect or it didnt work for me or glad it works for you. This poster said "I dont know how to explain it. My explanation.....its a placebo effect.! No more no less. Why tell some one different when its not the truth. The poster also commented about this on another post and saw the comments that were given about it on that post.

    Does that cover my bottom.!!

  • Well somebody with common sense at last :) you are right. You never tell a patient you are giving them a placebo and it certainly would not work even if they did not know. How could it ? RLS is a very uncomfortable and distressing condition which ruins your health because of lack of sleep. I dont think doctors quite know what to make of it as there is no real definition or diagnosis, thus no real treatment that works. I had it very badly, getting about 3 hours sleep a night and very depressed. I bought the copper bracelets to see if they would help my back pain due to osteoporosis - well my back remains the same but my RLS disappeared like magic ! Copper is a vital element in our bodies along with iron zinc magnesium etc etc so I am sticking my neck out and saying it is caused by a copper deficiency. Yesterday I googled "nutrient dense vegetables" ( i am vegetarian) and found which fruit and veg had most copper. I was pleased to find out that Mashed potato has loads of copper in it (not chips though) :)

    So you know they say you are what you eat - good luck -give it a try:)

  • I once saw a friend with a copper bracelet on each wrist and as a joke I said he was off base and that what really works is a buckeye in each front pocket. He immediately pulled the contents of his pockets and there was a buckeye in each front pocket.

    We'll try anything to get releif.

    There is no medacin for RLS. Some benelovent doctors who know the shortcomings of Big Pharma and that no spicific research has been done on RLS found the the same meds used for Parkinsons works, after a fashion and we can exist on this regamine, but not be happy and carefree as we were in our youth.

  • It's OK to tell someone it's a placebo. Placebos were given to people with IBS. The bottle said PLACEBO and the doctor explained the pills were an inert placebo, but helped some people. Placebo takers improved significantly compared to controls. It would be interesting to tell people with RLS that copper bracelets make RLS worse and see what happens. Or use a plastic or brass bracelet treated to look like copper. The mind is a wonderful thing. Otherwise why would my wife have fallen for me. Or why would sham surgeries work. Maybe doctors should always try placebos first.

  • Right on Bajatom, --- I've written about Placebo here before - so won't repeat myself.

    People could do worse than read Ben Goldacres' book - Bad Science. Very revealing on the whole area of scientific claims, big pharma and placebo.

    Also make yourselves familiar with the Cochrane Review.


  • I purchased these magic copper bracelets when I was soooooo desperate to make the pain stop and let's just say they didn't work and made me feel incredibly silly to have wasted so much money on them.

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