My take on rls and copper

First timer here and have read quite a few of these posts.

I have suffered from rls since I can least 40 yrs ago. Back then it was very mild. Now....its legs waist arms shoulders....all over....and so intense sometime I wonder if I'm being electrocuted. As soon as I feel the pain from stretching...its pops into that muscle.

Now first of all I understand there are 2 rls'. One is genetic and the other is secondary...caused by outside causes. This means different approaches. I tried sinamet and requip. Didn't do shot for me accept cause augmentation.

I was just given my grandfather's copper bracelet. Apparently he had arthritis and the bracelet eleviated his symptoms. And my dad swears by magnets for his arthritis. I was happy to wear the bracelet because it was grandpas. I awoke the next morning... And was dumbfounded. I had had no symptoms.....and my neck wasn't aching. I had have my c6/c7 verts fussed and c8 could b next here soon. So the ache being much less and the symptoms gone....well copper was the change.

Our bodies are bio electrical machines. We are energy. We take in energy...we put out energy. What does almost every home have in it to conduct electricity.....copper wires. So the statement of copper only being absorbed through ingestion is rubbish.

I could go on forever with this because well there a lot more that could be said...but I won't at this point.

Instead...I will leave this....we are energy. What we put out we receive. Putting out these low vibration energy vibes on this page or any other....does not help anything accept bring more negative energy to the group. Here's a few sayings to unto others as you would have done to you. If you can't say something nice....don't say anything at all. If you are a I'll believe it when I see it thinker....then you will never see it.


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  • Now- where did I leave my copper bracelet? I know it's in my " man drawer " somewhere!


  • Elaborate on your wise statement please

  • Which bit?

    I would have thought the copper bracelet was obviously a reference to your advice.

    The "mandrawer" is a well known phenomenon of male psyche , - a sort of masculine equivalent of the female handbag- I believe Michael MacIntyre does a good skit on it!

    Hope this is of some enlightenment for you.

    Cheers. 😎

  • Jebus where did the last bit come out of?

  • The reading of posts. So many people being mean and negative towards the subject.

  • You must have edited the OP, which made it confusing, in fairness there doesn't seem to be a whole pile of negativity - you should see some of the shite I've had to put up with when people read my posts wrong - the nasty abusers never even apologise, when I point out they've made a mistake they just stop responding!

    Regarding the negativity, don't forget many of us here have been going through the loops on these sorts of things over the years. My personal peeve is the bar of soap cure!

    For the majority, the VAST majority these sort of things wont work - I've worn a copper bracelet for months and noticed nothing. If you check the search function you'll see that the copper element has been discussed many times and for many it can be frustrating to see it, (or the soap!), pop up again.

    If it works for you great, long may it last.

  • Where is the meanness and negativity?

    If you are referring to my comments- then you are disturbingly in error.

    They were supposed to be humorously supportive.

    But I realise that some people just don't get the Irish sense of humour - I learnt this to my cost on "Pain Concern " where I was burnt at the stake for a wicked comment.

    So- keep the positive energy flowing- and dissipate the "hot spots "


  • No I was not referring to any one post.

    I found this page...started reading and found that after reading about 30 comments....most we 're filled with negativity against the woman selling the Halycon bracelets. There was no need to spew out hate or false facts just because this didn't work for these people.....

  • Ah! All is light now!

    I imagine the reason there would be negativity to that post , is that there is a policy of no advertising or sales spew on this site.

    We feel very protective of that situation and fiercely defend it. 👹

    We also get a lot of posters who think , because they have found something that works for them, that they can push it down everyone elses throat.

    They also think they are the first to have discovered this wonder product- when it probably comes up quite regularly here.

    I know that Raffs just loves the soap one😅

    Some of these work - others are placebo- which is fine- but not a final solution for the majority of sufferers.

    Thank you for your posting.😎

  • You know me and the oul soap go well together. I snuggle in bed and soap slides in behind and spoons me. If my RLS is off and I can't sleep me and the soap play Hide 'n' Seek, (although Soap never even tries to hide).

    One bit of advice on using soap is that after a week or so take the bars of soap out as it will get crowded bed and 30-40 in there at any one time :)

  • Youtube " Michael McIntyre and Mandrawer" - should be there! Hilarious.

  • Hilarious, and very close to the truth!

  • Ha, if you think the energy vibe on here is low or negative you should have been here four years ago. You'd be burned at the stake for mentioning diet for RLS or immediate relief from things like copper and iron. Now it's regularly posted about and the worst abusers on here stay in their caves - mostly. So, four years later there are dozens of people getting immediate or near immediate relief with iron. And I have no doubt that copper has that potential as well.

    I think we're too early in our evolution for healing at the energetic level. I "believe" as you describe yet I feel that I don't have the tools or maybe my brain is just too puny to begin to figure out how to heal at that level. However, I am putting on my copper bracelet right after this post :). So since most of us can't rise to that level you will have to come down to the bio-chemical level. Have you experimented with not wearing the bracelet or taking copper orally instead? I keep forgetting to take my copper supplement. Anyways, from a chemical standpoint copper is necessary to maintain iron homeostasis. As you now know, I take iron to relieve RLS but I would prefer to find a way to get my brain to store a little iron (people with primary RLS have anemic brains) so that at night it can make a withdrawal and my dopamine receptors will keep humming along like the non-RLS world. Maybe the missing link is copper?

    In other news, I've been researching about the bar of soap because I "believe" people when they say they get relief. Researchers believe that it's the scent of soap that short-circuits (for lack of a better word) whatever else is going on biologically. And whatever number of people who get relief from RLS with soap it is nothing compared to those who get relief from leg cramps. It's really quite an amazing phenomena with soap and leg cramps. I read one article that indicated that our legs and feet have "scent receptors" not just our noses. My brain implodes if I dwell on that fact (?) too long.

    Welcome aboard my friend. If you like the idea of living things being pure energy then you might like a ridiculously difficult to read book called "Saving the Appearances." The author believes beyond any doubt that the universe is just our "collective representation." Ever see a hologram? That's our universe. And the collective conscious is the projector. And rather than a supreme being creating us, we, collectively, created the notion of a supreme being.

  • If the scent of the soap short circuits things then any scent will do - i wear deodorant and aftershave I shower before bed and no amounts of scents effect my legs.

    I would love to see links to the feet receptors and any site that talks about scents working for RLS if you'd be so kind tredlight.

  • Yep, I think I can track that down. Or you can google soap, leg cramps and 2016. It was a recent article. Scent, as one of our senses, is really kind of amazing if you think about it and probably has more therapeutic benefit than we can imagine and I know from personal experience to some extent. As a child I remember going to department stores and hardware stores with my parents and almost immediately having to go to the bathroom. I know it was the smell inside of the stores. Grocery stores don't seem to affect me. As a child I was annoyed, as an adult with IBS-C (kind of) I'm ok with it :). However it was a lonely feeling since I felt I was the only one. A couple of years ago I was talking to a long time friend and he mentioned that it is only with the smell of a fresh newspaper in the morning that he can relieve himself. He has tried skipping the paper but then he doesn't go.

    Maybe the same is true with soap. So even though I wear clothes and have hammers and screwdrivers in my house it doesn't seem to help my slow motility. It's only when I'm overwhelmed with the scent of the off-gassing from these retail items that it works. And it won't work for everyone. So with soap, if it is the right scent (remember grocery stores don't work for me) at the right time and in the right proximity I can see why it might work. I had RLS one night and I put a bar of soap right under my nose and as long as I kept my focus on the scent it seemed to work. Can't do that all night.

  • Smells are amazing, they can transport me to different times and places in an instant. We know of the efficacy of essential oils too.

    The difficulty I have is with the soap, I washed in soap for years and still had RLS, as said I have all sorts of scents going on between what is on my body and different oils and incenses I use, yet when the body starts no smell unless maybe chloroform is going to stop it :)

  • Here you go:

    For what it's worth, I still prefer the idea of feeding (or not feeding) our bodies a substance that it needs or is missing or that is healing. The bar of soap is almost like sneaking up behind someone with hiccups and scaring the living crap out of them. Hey, wonder if that would work for RLS?

    And yes, scents can teleport me as well.

  • Yeah that's from a site that sells bed soap and leg soap a bit like a butcher telling me a bone under my pillow will work!

  • No, that's a well established group- People's Pharmacy. And allegedly impartial. Kind of like the Sierra Club. Every group has a goal, and with the Sierra Club it's the protection of our National Parks. So too with People's Pharmacy.

    Anyways, I'm not smart enough to make-up the stuff I post. It's always from some place else

  • For me a site selling me something cannot be impartial.

    The soap will work but as a placebo only and fair play for those it works for that's great but it is placebo.

  • Today will be day four with the bracelet symptom free.

    My rls is genetic from what I can tell....I have had my ferritin checked many times and it was always good. I am a level 1 Reiki practioner so I believe very much in the energy body. I believe our thoughts...which carry vibrational energy affect our bodies tremendously. The idea of the placebo effect carries a lot of merrit I think. From my experience....I can be laying there for half an hour with symptoms and my wife starts kissing me....they stop immediately.......Distraction. Soap smell can be the same. Our thoughts are creating the symptoms. So the copper could be just a placebo affect just like the soap smell. The catch is....its positive energy that your creating with your thoughts and the energy bodies corrects its self.

  • Then there's the rls that is caused by dopamine problems. That is why I was put on sinamet at first....and like I said it caused augmentation.

    Pain in our bodies is felt when nerves have issues. Just like the Christmas light you buy and after hours of use.....for some reason electricity gets stuck and half the strand goes out. You use one of the tools they sell at a button a few times and voila....they work. Electricity gets stuck in our bodies because of nerves being damaged. Wearing copper and magnets helps to get the flow moving again. Copper, iron, magnesium, potassium and every other mineral in our bodies have electrically charged particles that all work together. If minerals are lacking or not working together the body responds. Copper and iron work together and in turn help in the management of muscles response.

  • Does your copper bracelet smell - not good? It smells to me the way my copper supplement tastes. I buy my supplements, if I can, in bulk, or I open up the capsule and pour into water or chew if tablet. I thought iron was the worst tasting of all until the copper. Well, no matter, it's staying on.

  • smell. But I soaked it in lemon juice for awhile to clean off the tarnish

  • How come our nose runs and our feet smell. So, there you have it: scent receptors. (I'm just trying to be funny)

  • Like I said, I'm not smart enough to make this up. Wild isn't it?

  • I try not to be sceptical or cynical. if someone suggests something that I have not tried and it works for then I am happy to give it a try-cost permitting of course. I did try copper bracelets and they gave me no discernible benefit. That is not to say that someone else may benefit but I was disappointed. I was offered my money back but I kept them. Who knows they may work next time I try them but meantime I will stick with the cocktail of meds which are keeping the worst of the symptoms at bay.

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