My music helps my RLS?!

Not sure if anyone else has tried this but, I have found something that sometimes works for me.

I have suffered with RLS since I was pregnant with my first child, eighteen years ago. I believe mine to come on when I am hot, tired and resting.

I have found by chance that when I am in bed if I put ear phones in and listen to my music rather loud that my mind is concentrating on the music so much and I am so tired I fall asleep. Its weird but somehow it works a lot for me.

I am often woke up by the earphones falling out but it doesn't wake me up enough for the RLS to return as I fall straight back asleep.

Obviously I try to listen to music that isn't too energetic but you need something with a beat or if it is too relaxing it might not work?

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  • Music is well known to help with RLS. I used to use it alot with earphones and having the sound up as high as i could bear. For me i liked the ballads they seem to lull me off to sleep i use to just let the CD run til it stopped and if i woke up with the RLS, i would just re-run the CD. A lady called Jill Gunzel who is not with us anymore,( she died of cancer.) used to have a website with all tips and tricks she used for her RLS. Music was one of them, she said to consentrate on every beat and every word. Today, i have the radio on low on night, using it as white noise.

  • Really!!! You know I haven't seen this tip anywhere....we need to spread the word more !!

    Thanks for that, I would love to know why it you know if any research has been done on it?

  • We have had music discussed on here many times in the past. Its a distraction, while you are consentrating on the music it distracts from the RLS. Any distraction would work. No, no research done for it. Its more what people have found what works for them. As in anything else that people find what works for them. We have to remember that when we suffer with RLS, what works for one person will not help some one else.

  • This works for me...mostly! ( I use my I pod without earphones) I keep my music low and listen to ballads over and over. However there are occasions when the legs won't stop and I just have to get up, have a walk around, have nibble on a biscuit or two. If this doesn't work then that's me awake for the night. Usually this happens once or twice a month.

    I take Pramipexole 2 to 4.

    PS I've had RLS since puberty! My mother took me to the Doctor and he said " it's all in my head"

    Pottering about can help ...if your not travelling or restricted in mobility.

  • Oh I think you're on to something and I intend to try it. I do know that if I think about rls too much it will come on, so I've suspected that the mind has some part of the whole. I also have noticed circulation and cold legs are triggers for me. Thank you for the information. Together we may tame this beast.

  • I agree, if I think about it , it soon appears ! Try it X and good luck X

  • well....did it work x

  • Music works sometimes for me, but books on tape work even more often. It needs to be a happy, cozy type story. Then I load it into my iPod, and put one ear bud in and go to bed. Almost always I fall asleep.

  • Have any of you tried "Rife frequency therapy" ? I've just been reading your comments about listening to music at night. Coincidentally I came across this on YouTube recently, I guess its the same principle. Its a bit weird to listen too, and I am a bit wary about listening to it all through the night. Its apparently is a very old thearapy used for treating many other conditions too.

  • I tried down loading an app for this on my android and couldn't get it to work. Still trying.

  • Hi Janet10

    I will check this out, thanks!

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