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Potassium, magnesium, and a little more calcium

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Hello, I've had mild rls intermittently since I was about 5 or 6. I'm 20 now and my leg problems have gotten considerably worse, but thank God only on my right side. I now have pretty bad sciatic pain there that (recently) goes down to my sural nerves on the outer section of my foot. The pain is so bad most days that i hardly notice the rls cramping (twitching and electric signals up and down my leg) because of the inability to lift my leg higher than a foot or two. HOWEVER!!!! After two years of bio-premed and self assessment (doctors are more expensive than textbooks) I've realized that my diet was not supplying me with virtually any potassium, calcium, or magnesium (essential for nerve function and most cell processes). I've noticed that on days where my stress levels are down (hah! Premed), my nutrition ranges are in check, and I stay hydrated, the pain is far easier to deal with. I am not on any pain medication so I'm sure many of you can relate to what it's like living with such intense pain, even if it is only mild. However, proper diet (as I'm now realizing) is SO crucial to helping you maintain proper homeostasis. If you think you might have a deficiency, do your body a favor and consult a nutritionist....and don't self diagnose like I did because I was in constant communication with my professors and get regular blood tests! By the way, if you are on add medications (methylphenidate or Adderall, Vyvanse...etc), keep in mind that those pills directly affect the central nervous system and stimulate hormones that affect your fight or flight responses. Having a constantly stimulated mind increases muscle spasms and heart palpitations for many people. Your rls could be affected by these medications.

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Retren I tried acupuncture as a last resort for sciatica which I agree is excruciating.I literally could not walk. The very experienced Chinese physician got me mobile.I have to say the size of the needles horrified me but to my amazement left no marks and was not at all painful .to nomirose 96.as many of my family are or were physicians I know you must be having a stressful time with one thing and another.The advice on this site is very very comforting and enlightening.Good luck in your endeavors.

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