Restless Legs Syndrome
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RLS remedies that worked for mom

My mom has had RLS since her pregnancy 30yrs back. She managed by 'walking it off' at nights for 20 odd yrs before she actually consulted a neurologist who prescribed requip. She had blissful time for 4-5 yrs with sleep she had missed so badly for years.

Sadly as seen commonly augmentation set in and she had to get off requip..which was hell.. She was put on lyrica and a tablet of tramadol 50mg at night and it still wasn't enough to combat the withdrawal effects of requip. Living hell. Electric shock like symptoms sleepless nights walking about all night... But we won the battle.. Its been 6 weeks since... She is doing very well by gods grace.. I thought of sharing the remedies we seeker apart from above medicines which helped mom tremendously

1. Accupucture- find a good therapist. It really helps the symptoms as well as cope up with bodily stress and insomnia.

2. Organic food and naturopathy-

Few recipes

Coriander seeds 2tsps+cumin seeds 1/4 tsp + pepper 4-5seeds+ ginger fresh 1 inch long + 1/2 tsp turmeric. Semi-grind the ingredients and boil in one cup water. Strain and drink it with jaggery. Every night. Works like miracle.

The ingredients boost dopamine and rich in antioxidants and aid in sleep.

Curcumin (turmeric) supplement- 1g/day

Omega3 fatty acid supplements

3. Homeopathy helps in pain control and aids in sleep without any side effects and addiction. Plz consult homeopathic doctor. What helped us were

Kali Phos


Rhus tox.

4. Hot shower with lavender oil every night after oil massage- ayurvedic oil- mahanarayana taila plus pinda taila.

We hope to slowly wean off medications and stick to homeopathy and naturopathy.

All the best people. Hope this helps most of you. I understand as a daughter what kind of suffering RLS entails. I shall update on anything else we learn that may help RLS sufferers.

Lots of love and light

Dr Archhana

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Hot baths are a gift from God!! And the few drops of lavender the cherry on the cake.

When things are bad I would have about 4/5 hot baths/showers a day. IT would be the only way I get any relief. Although some have been that hot I've vomited, but at least the RLS was calm for a bit.

Can't say I'm a believer in homoeopathy but if it works for you it works!


We also add a fistful of Epsom salt plus a fistful of Himalayan pink salts to the hot baths. Try this. It has tremendous healing properties.

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