Ode To The RLS Rebel, Jill Gunzel

Ode To The RLS Rebel, Jill Gunzel

This is a post about a woman who I met online back in 1997, the first person with RLS I ever talked to, and she was my RLS Angel. :) Well, after a long battle with ovarian cancer and also caregiving her husband who died from brain cancer 2 yrs ago, Jill passed away last night. She was 4 yrs older than me, and we talked every day for 14 yrs, either testing, or cells or emails. She wrote the book "The RLS Rebel's Survival Guide to Restless Legs Syndrome." It is all about coping with RLS, and not letting it beat you. She never took meds, but she did clogging and called square dancing which helped. Her web site will be kept alive in the Rebel tradition, since she signed the rights of it over to me last week. so, if you have not seen her web site, it is inspiring, and I urge you to check it out. Lots of coping techiniques. I have lost a dear friend, and we got to meet in person 2 yrs ago just before her husband died, and I am so grateful. Her death leaves a bi hole in the RLS community, but I and others will not let people forget Jill, not that we ever could!! :) My heart is heavy, but I know I have my RLS Angel wth me always. Tribute pages will go up eventually. I am letting things set in today, and not overloading my brain.

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  • Hi Nightdancer. Sorry to hear about the loss of Jill. I didn't know her, but I like the sound of her! We all get so exhausted with this awful condition that it is refreshing to hear that someone had a fighting spirit and used her knowledge to write a book and a website to help others. I've just looked up the website address but you may not want it publicised at the moment so I won't post it here unless you say it's ok. Thank you for all the advice and support you give us Brits on this forum, it must take up a great deal of your time. Best wishes, Rosie

  • Thank you. Yes, we can put her web site up. she had quite a life. The former web server that had her web site went out of business and we lost half of her web site. But, got the RLS stuff back. Nt all of it, but enough. My project will be to work with her brother and we will get it back in shape. ;) rlsrebel.com is where a ot of people go for inspiration.

  • Thanks nightdancer for doing what i wanted to do for Jill on here but didnt know how to explain..as usual your words says it all.

    If anyone on here has been to her website or bought her book, will know just what an amazing woman Jill was... As nightdancer knows, i have "known" Jill over the years through nightdancer's support group. Jill. touched many people's hearts, she certainly touched mine. The RLS community has lost an angel, but Jill, will never be forgotton by those who knew her.

  • So sorry for your personal loss Nightdancer...= / .

    I wish you the best of luck in continued work on the site..

    Sounds like she was a true Angel.

  • I checked on Amazon for her book and the nearest outlet for me in the UK seemed to be Amazon Canada

  • Daisyw, i have Jill's book, what i did was i went into WH,Smith, i asked them to order it in for me, which they did.... I would look at her website first, if you havent already, the website has almost all the same as the book. Thats what i did first, then decided i would like the book.

  • Thanks Elisse

  • I recently got on to the rebel website and love it. I am trying to put Jills ideas into practice, so sorry to hear the news and sending love to those who knew her. I love her positive outlook.

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