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Hi Can anyone tell me of their experience with Targinact. As I am having to take higher doses of Tramadol (take four over an evening) and I am constipated most of the time I thought I might ask my G.P. for Targinact. If I come off Tramadol onto the new meds would I get withdrawal symptoms? Be grateful for any advice. I also take Temazepam at night before I go to bed.

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Hi bedith,

I am sure you will get some replies soon but in the meantime you may like to type Targinact in the Search Box at the top of the page where there are a few past postings on this medication which may be of help to you.



Targinact was just approved in the UK on July 31st, so not much experience yet. IF you stop Tramadol and start Targinact, there will be an adjustment period, because Tramadol is a synthetic narcotic. But Targinact is oxycodone with naloxone, (added to stop druggies from getting high on it, but it also stops the oxy from working as well as it should. But, all you can do is try. What dose of tramadol are you taking? 4 pills at how many mgs? The daily max dose for that is 400 mgs. So you are far away from that. is it working for you, then it stopped? You will get even more constipated on Targinact. We do not have it in the US yet, but it is a step forward for the UK to approve any opiate for RLS. About time, and we need it approved over here. I think some who cannot take regular opiates may be able to take this.


I should have said because of the oxy, you MAY get more constipated.


Hi Bedith,I have tried Targinact but it didn't work very well for me but prior to the Targinact I had been on Morphine at a higher equivalent dose so it was actually a "step down" in pain medication for me.As Nightdancer says you can only try it, we all react differently to meds and it had good results in the clinical trials. There is usually an adjustment period when changing meds but no you shouldn't get the same sort of withdrawal symptoms as you would get coming off the dopamine meds.The Naloxone should help with the constipation. I get very constipated on Tramadol but didnt on Targinact, let us know how you go on ...Pippins

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