Transfer from Adartrel (Ropinirole) to Targinact

Has anyone transferred from Ropinirole to Targinact and if so how did you go about it?My GP has just agreed to let me do this, but wasn't very clear about the best way to go about it. I am currently taking 1.25mg Ropinirole at bedtime and have been prescribed the starter dose of Targinact........he suggested going 'cold turkey' for a couple of days to allow my system to clear itself of the Ropinirole and then start the Targinact.....any advice would be appreciated 😊. I would also be interested to know how people are getting on with Targinact and what dosage they find is working for them.

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  • I have not changed to Targinact, but I did come off a da drug to move to Tramadol. It takes longer than a few days for the effects of a da drug to wear off. I think at least a month in my experience. Just don't give up on the new drug if it doesn't work immediately. Give the brain time to adjust.

  • I wouldnt go cold turkey, not the best idea. You will most likely experience withdrawals. Why are you changing, is it because of augmentation..? or other reasons. The Targinact MIGHT help with the withdrawals, as pain meds are usually given when detoxing of DA med. And as someone else has said, it will take more than a couple of days to get the DA out of your system. The withdrawals, can take a while to settle. When stopping a dopamine med your dopamine receptors will object to the drop in the dopamine that is the withdrawals you will feel. Expect worse RLS for a while, unless the Targinact helps with that.

  • Elisse you are so well versed in RLS as I am sure are others. Could you or anyone else tell me if they have had augmentation after taking Sifrol (Pramipexole) for a long period????????. I have to take my first tablet tonight. It is a very small dose i.e. 125 mcg to start with and then work my way up to 500 mcg very slowly. I am so totally scared of taking it and I need some encouragement.

  • Hi Spudellen, ok so now i know the sifrol is pramipexole and i can tell from the dosage. The starting dose of .125 is the right dose to start off with. If that dose doesnt work you can try .25 thats two pills. If they do not work, then do not increase it anymore. The highest dose is now not as most doctors will know of. The new recommended dose and this is what the RLS experts are telling us, is for Pramipexole no higher than .25mg For Requip (Ropinerole) its no higher than 1mg---2mg at a push. This is because of augmentation and they now realise how bad that has become for many people. You can still augment on a low dose, BUT it will be some what easier to get off a low dose than a high dose. So, if the .25 doesnt work then its not the med for you. So, dont get scared in taking it, just be aware of what can happen. :)

  • You are an absolute darling for answering my request. Thank you so has given me much relief.

  • I hope it works for you. Let us know how you are doing on it.

  • Thank you to both Elisse and Gmc54 for your replies, much appreciated…..I took the prescription to the chemist and the pharmacist basically said the same as you Elisse, do not go cold turkey as there will be withdrawal issues.

    I wanted to take a break from Ropinirole Elisse as I have been on it for 8 years now and periodically have had to up the dose and yes, augmentation is at play here. As Targinact has recently been approved it seemed a suitable alternative, even if I only use it for a short period before going back to Ropinirole (?).

    I have now started the Targinact starter dose (5mg/2.5mg), combined with a reduced dose of Ropinrole (1mg) and will start to lower the Ropinrole (and no doubt increase the Targinact) over the next couple of weeks. I will post an update in due course to hopefully help others that may end up doing similar 😊

  • Its not recommended going back on the same med once you have augmentation from it. So you will have to think what to use next once you have cleared the Ropinerole from your system. If the Targinact works, then you can most probably use that in the future as your main RLS med. Good luck with the reduction of the Ropinerole and taking the Targinact. Updates from you will be good. :)

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