Slow release Tramodol

Hi folks it's been very quiet I just hope everyone is on the right meds. Just thought I would tell you how I am getting on,I do find the slow release is better for me but not perfect ,the sickness all gone and sleepy feeling not to bad can accept it ,still of sweet things and still have magnesium baths How's things with you Pippin are you back on the patch and has the marks cleared up. Going to see my daughter Tues hip hip love to you all xx

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  • Hi Beady glad you are doing ok on slow release Tram and some of the sleepy feeling has gone.Great news about visiting your daughter ,remember to pack your meds!.No I not back on patch ,have to have a 6 month break,Still got some slight scarring so if they dont disappear altogether I eont try again.Doing ok on Ropinerole just .5mg about 6ish and a painkiller for my coccyx pain,together they are working well.Take care and enjoy your trip lv Pippins

  • Beady when you say slow release of tramodol how many milograms do you take and how often. I have taken it many times for surgery and sure helps me to sleep. I will also talk to my neuro about this tomorrow. Thank you.

  • Hi Judy,I take 2 tabs a day 50 mg each am getting on with them quite well but last two nights hae not been good I just hope it's not all going to start again so soon ,let's know how you get on tomorrow x

  • Nice to see your namePippin its like on old friend,glad your tabs are working ok. I am with my daughter but the two nights I have been here have been bad hope tonight will be ok. Xx

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