RLS and antibiotics

I was taken completely by surprise when I started taking Cipro for a urinary tract infection and I realized that the RLS had quieted to a virual standstill, For the 7 days I took the antibiotics I had absolutely NO symptoms of RLS. Can someone explain this? My GP Dr. will not go along with a significant trial. She did put me on Cipro 125 mg once a day for 2 weeks and the effect on the RLS was minimal. Does anyone have a clue they can share with me? Thanks

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  • I had the exact same reaction. In addition my Osteoarthritis quieted down and i felt almost normal for the two weeks I took the antibiotics. My friend who is a doctor wouldn't attempt to explain it, but he did say if I kept up the taking of antibiotics the legs would return to the restless pattern. I don't know if he is correct or not. No real double blind studied have been done.

  • Dear DLGS,

    I suggest you search the internet. It is known that intestinal parasites and certain gut infections can cause RLS. Get rid of them and the RLS symptoms subside. I have posted here before about this connection and have personal experience of its effectiveness. I can also recommend following the Paleo Diet which starves these organisms of sustenance and also can restore the integrity of the gut which can become leaky from the combination of gut infections/parasites and the damage caused by consuming grains and legumes. May I also suggest reading a book by Loren Cordain Ph.D. The Paleo Answer, available on Amazon as well as a Kindle version. He is the primary researcher in this area and explains all the science behind it in understandable detail as well as how to go about it. I believe that anyone interested in restoring health will find it very interesting and helpful. Many people find alleviation of all manner of health challenges by following this diet.

    After having taken antibiotics, it is also important to restore the beneficial intestinal flora by taking probiotics to avoid further damage and dysbiosis which can leave one more susceptible to repeat infections. Good luck on your healing journey.


  • Great reply. But some one should study the positive side effects on some people of some medicines like -ve impact / contraindications studied and documented with drug.

  • this just shows everone is diff. been on antbiotics for 14 days has made my RLS act up

  • DGLS, I agree with MrsSAG. Her advice sounds quite logical, and I would emphasize the necessity of taking probiotics to replace what cipro rips out. That stuff is absolutely brutal, and you certainly don't want to take it long term. You'll end up with yeast infections out the yazoo. Speaking from experience here...

    I still haven't gotten Grain Brain or Wheat Belly to read yet, but according to MrsSAG, it's a carb-heavy diet that can do this. Gotta get those books.

  • I am speculating here... just wondering - RLS according to the research is v closely linked to low iron - low brain iron - sometimes low iron in the blood, probably causing low brain iron. Could the antibiotic have made iron more available to you in some way? Some antibiotics chelate iron, make it soluble.... this is useful for plants, I wonder if it could help humans? (Wild speculation, as I say...) are you taking an iron supplement, what do your blood tests show on iron, and could you try some different, more easily available iron supplements and see if they have the same result? It sounds v hopeful, as though your RLS is curable.

  • How we can improve haemoglobin. I am and my daughetrs have minor thalassemia. Please suggest some way / medicines / exercises / yoga / ayurvedic / homeopathic medicines to counter this. It will be a great help.

  • most Dr. don't have a clue when it comes to RLS some have never heard of it.

  • In other words, try ferrous glucomate if you are on ferrous sulphate, and see if it works better.

  • Nope, disregard everything I have said - there is research on rats which suggests cypro reduces, not improves, iron levels in vital organs....

  • What is RLS - is it rest less leg syndrome or some thing else.

  • Yes RLS is restless legs syndrome

  • kkgarg, i take it you do not have RLS, Restless Legs Syndrome.? I think you may be on the wrong forum. As you seem to be asking about something completely different. :)

  • I have just asked what RLS means. I would request forum to use full detail description of a term used in their postings. Yes, I have restless leg syndrome and burning in feet because I am diabetic. Looking to suggest some treatment.

  • Ok, sorry, you do have Restless Legs Syndrome. But everyone uses the term RLS, so as you didnt seem to know what that meant, i didnt think you could be suffering with RLS.

  • There is a marvellous book entitled Diabetes Solution by the world renowned Dr K Bernstein, who himself has been a type 1 diabetic since childhood. This is a must have book for all diabetics and their care givers in my opinion. In it he gives full details of how to overcome diabetic complications such as you have causing burning in your feet and achieve normal blood sugars at all times. In it he also recommends certain supplements that can be helpful. Sometimes when the blood sugar is outside the normal range it can aggravate restless leg syndrome. I highly recommend it. It is available on Amazon

  • I am also thallesemia minor so have low haemoglobin / iron in body with RBC picture not encouraging.

  • I have had the same experience in the past but perhaps more significantly is that my RLS gets so much WORSE whenever I have an infection in my body, whether it be bacterial needing an antibiotic or viral that my body has to fight. The minute I commence an antibiotic I initially have really good nights. In the case of viral if I take aspirin or codeine the RLS is relieved but IBufrofen makes it even worse. Drinking lots of fluids during illness, especially with urinary tract infections also helps minimise the RLS.

  • I had to take Ciprofloxacin for a month for an infection. Unfortunately it had no effect on my severe ' horizontal Michael Flatleys'. Only Neupro ( great at first - then allergic to patches) and ropinorole have helped to keep me sane.

  • Same here Harry Edwards did hreat eith Neupro and then became allergic , was gutted , tried every lotion and potion but had to dtop them once patch site started needing steroid cream.I also on Ropinerole now .What fose do you take compared to Neupro? I was on 1mg Neupro , now on .5 Ropinerole.

  • Finished up on 3mgm. Now taking a combination of Lyrica and Ropinorole which has stopped my restless legs completely. before this I was just upping the ropinorole because I was affected earlier and earlier - sometimes 3pm. Both these drugs have unpleasant side effects unfortunately. Waking up in the morning feeling refreshed is wonderful. Did try the slow release ropinorole but had 'breakththrough' during the night .

  • I had Mersa and was on antibiotics, strong ones for 3 weeks. During that time I thought I was going crazy as I had no symptoms at all. Blew me away. I have bad RLS...really bad...and am so glad to see that I was not the only one. Hey Pharma people...listen to us as we give you clues!!!

  • I asked about this very thing when I was at Mayo.. they are the best

    in the world so I do trust their answers. There is nothing in the antibiotics

    that treats RLS except some of them have anti inflammatory additives in

    them. Some people can take an anti inflammatory like Ibuprofen and

    it can settle the legs down..doesn't work for me but maybe for some..

    There is also something called the placebo effect.. you are taking pills

    to make your body well ...so we also get rid of RLS..

    Then the one that no one likes to hear.. maybe you don't really have

    RLS to begin with..

    And finally, We do not have it all figured out about RLS...We need

    to understand it better which is good for us to know...maybe

    someone will figure it all out..

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