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Restless Legs Syndrome
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No success with klonopin.

Tried klonopin for a week. Made me groggy in the morning, hard to get out of bed, and drowsy all day. Also made me a little bit depressed. So I've stopped taking it. Waiting to see if the doctor wants to try something with a shorter half-life/duration of action, like ambien or xanax or lunesta. Not sure if any of those are at all effective for PLM. As always, will keep you informed.

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Hi ookla, at least you had a good go this time with the klonopin, i am not surprised it made you so sleepy, it does have a very long half live, would be no good for me either......zzzzzzzz day and night.

I am not sure the other ones you have mentioned as the next ones to try will help any, they are just for sleeping rather than PLM. Be careful with ambien if you do try it, lots of people have sleep walked on that one, shopping online, eating and driving, without them knowing a thing about it til they see the evidence the next morning. Just a friendly warning.

As always keep us informed.


I just mentioned those other two because they were recommended at rlshelp.org/rlsrx.htm for PLM. I really don't know what to try. And now that you mention it, I'm not quite sure those two are recommended for PLM or just RLS. Now that I look again, it seems only klonopin and restoril specifically mention being used for PLM (and baclofen). So I'll ask the doctor on Monday about those instead. Thanks for the head's up!


It's known as clonazepam in the Uk and it's the only thing that works for me. i don't find it has a long half life at all. I wouldn't exactly say I feel wide awake in the mornings but by the time I get to work I'm OK. I've tried other things and there are many but I ended up back on this. None of the others worked for me but everyones different aren't they. Good luck in your quest to find the something that's right for you.


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