Has anyone tried baclofen or klonopin?

I went up to 900 mg of gabapentin three times a day, didn't get much relief and can't stand the side effects (forgetfulness, dopey feeling, drowsiness, and cold symptoms). Time to move on and try something else. I know I tried klonopin before, but that was during the day. Maybe it would work better if I took it at night and gave it a few days to kick in. Anyway, still curious about my question. Has anyone tried baclofen or klonopin? If so, what dose and how'd it go?

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  • I havent tried either of those meds. I know klonopin has a very long half life, so i dont know how you managed to take that during the day. Did it help you before ookla, ?? Baclofen, i do know of a few people who take it, but cant remember much about that med either.

  • You know me... I took it one day and didn't notice any relief, so I stopped taking it (it also made me sleepy and grouchy). But I was thinking maybe if I took it at night before bed it would stop my PLMD, then maybe my legs wouldn't hurt during the day? I know I'm grasping at straws, but maybe it's worth a shot. I think I read somewhere that valium is better for pain, but I don't have any of that.

  • Ok, have you looked on Dr.B's website at the meds page, called the treatment page, i know it has Klonopin on that page, but cant remember all the details of that med. rlshelp.org :)

  • they only people i know that take Baclofen are M S patients

  • I have tried both and do still take Klonopin. Baclofen is more often used for treating Parkinson's disease. My father took for his tremors, not RLS, but PD tremors. Klonopin is made to be taken later in the day or at night, since it will calm you, and it has a long half life, 12-14 hrs. The optimum time to take Klonopin is between 7 and 9 pm, so it is working it's way out by morning. Taking it during the day would make most of us very sleepy. I take .5 mgs late afternoon, and .5 a couple of hrs before bedtime. So a total of 1 mg, and that has been for the last ten yrs. Baclofen has not been studied for RLS in any kind of study, only in PD studies. And, for those who have tried Baclofen for RLS, people that I know and are in my groups, not very much success at all with Baclofen, remembering back a few years. It is not a recommended med for RLS. DO please read the treatment page on rlshelp.org, see list of Drugs and Foods to Avoid. This will list all meds approved for RLS, meds that will not help it, and meds that need to be avoided at all costs if one has RLS, because many meds can exacerbate RLS, or actually trigger it. It is a must read list if you are looking for this kind of information, and Dr. Buchfuhrer is the most active RLS expert out there. He is in the US, but most RLS info is universal, some meds may have different names, etc. But, Klonopin helps overall in a general way, but I take several other meds for RLS, too. Baclofen could actually make some RLSer's RLS worse. Yes, muscle relaxers can actually make RLS worse (some of them) We have to remember that we are all individuals and react differently, but we need as much knowledge as possible. ;)

  • I haven't tried either of those drugs but also found gabapentin didn't help me at all no matter how high a dose I took. I honestly think the only deugs that really work well are the parkinson drugs...mirapex, pramapexole,requip or sinnemet. They are designed for this type of syndrome and have their own side affects but for me at least work amazing for RLS . My doc has never seen a case as bad as mine and these drugs work really well for severe RLS so maybe think of giving one of them a try! Good luck

  • I still have found Amacari brand Camu Camu to work miracles for me. I am at 2 and a half months taking 3 in the morning and 2 at night with almost no twitching at night. I missed two days and started feeling jumpy, so I started back up right away. I am still looking for someone to validate my results.

  • high dose of vitamin c works for you? =)) That's excellent..I haven't tried it.

  • There is actually a lot more than Vitamin C in it. A lot of other phytonutrients that stimulate the nervous system and reduce inflammation. That is what I think impacts the RLS symptoms. I feel great. I just wish someone else would give it a try and validate my response.

  • I am not medicine free...not yet to validate it..

    I took myself off Paxil suddenly yesterday and today..

    it's kicking my butt...After I get through the withdrawl I

    will remember ...as a matter of fact, I did order some..

    it's not expensive on Amazon..I had a gift card to use

    up anyway...It won't be fair unless I do a complete medicine

    dump on myself...In a week or so I will give it a go...=)

    maybe someone will beat me to it. haha..

  • If you didn't get Amacari brand, it is not the same. They use the whole fruit, including skin and seed. That is what really hits the nervous system and optimizes. I met the founder a few weeks ago and have his contact info. Maybe he would send you some to try. He gave me two bottles when I met him.

  • I have taken both Baclofen and Klonopin at different times for severe PLMD. On Klonopin I was spaced out all the time but very relaxed, but definitely not suited to my job which required high concentration. The effects lasted too far into the next day and even the day after. Baclofen just didn't agree with me even at tiny doses but it is a recommended drug for PLMD. My RLS is reappearing, probably related to my low serum ferritin, so more steak will be the medicine for a while. Good luck. Please note that I am unusually affected by even small doses of drugs with sedative effects but you might tolerate them better and obtain benefit. For me the side effects proved to be worse than the complaint itself.

  • I thought I was in love with my Dr. because after he recommended Klonopin I slept like a baby it is a controlled substance but I only need 1 mg a night

  • Clonazepam is great and so is Klonopin which is a generic 1 mg and I slept like a baby

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