Has Anyone Tried Gabapentin for RLS?

I have been using the bis-glycinate iron and mucuna pruriens and getting between 6 and 8 hours of sleep each night, but it's interrupted sleep.  Each dose of the above only lasts 4 hours, then I have to get up and take more, wait an hour for it to take affect, then I can get at least 4 more hours sleep before the legs start jumping again.  My doctor wants me to try Gabapentin for a month to see if I can get uninterrupted sleep with it.  My question:  HAS ANYONE TRIED GABAPENTIN WITH SUCCESS?

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  • Nice to hear from you Super.  I've never tried Gaba but I've heard good things. XX

  • Good to see your response too, bi-glyc.  We'll see what the morning brings.   

  • My neurologist has just put me on Gabapentin together with Tramadol and I am having the best sleep I have experienced in years. I also use Rotigotine patches so all together they are working, and it is the best I have felt for years. I do not, though, know how long it will last. My sleep is always interrupted but I can put up with that. 

  • Gabapentin and magnesium are what I use and they work great. I get breakthroughs but I'm on a low dose because it was making me narcoleptic, so that's something to keep in mind. I would talk to a your doc about prescribing the lowest effective dose so you're not sleepy all the time. Also, it has been extremely difficult for me to lower the dose or titrate completely. So the lower the better. You should be able to get 100s so you can have more control over your dose. 

    Just my suggestions.

  • Wow!  Thanks for this good information.  Blessings to you, howlinwoolf

  • Hi

    I had to give up the dopamine agonists as I could not tolerate them. I was put on Gabapentin, initially 900 mg a day now 1800. I also have 200mg of tramulief. I am sleeping very well usually pretty solid for 6 hours then on and off until my wife wakes up. I take 1mg of clonazepam when I go to bed.

  • Thank you for sharing your experience with Gab.  I am so opposed to prescription drugs that my doc was begging me to "give it a try" since Gab has virtually no side affects.  So, I am doing that. 

  • I wouldn't say gabapentin has virtually no side effects but it does work on RLS.

  • I have been given Gabapentin for Nodular Prurigo by dermatologist. I was a bit chart about taking it . However having spoken to my GP (who I trust) was told it was very good . I sleep well with it ( I suffered from insomnia before) . No scratching in the night.  However I would advise you to take it about 8pm, because when you first take it you are a bit hung over in the morning if you take it at bedtime. Enjoy a night's sleep. 

  • Thank you, corsaUMM.  My first night was not good, but it may have been due to other factors  I am highly allergic to some foods.  Sometimes oils that I am allergic to sneak into foods that are okay, and then I suffer.  So I am still going to give it a try, experimenting with it.  My doc put me on 300 mgs (one capsule) 2 hours before bedtime. 

  • My doc prescribed it 2 months ago. It was very - but partially - successful, knocking out nerve shocks and violent convulsions that had taken me to the very edge of what I could endure. Wonderful! However muscle spasms and contractions continue, not unendurable, but they keep me awake. Am seeing a neurologist in 2 weeks and hope she will help with the remaining problem. 

    I haven't slept a night through to morning this century. 

    I take 300mg of Gabs 3 times a day. Minor side effects only.

    Does macuna p. help? Sounds interesting.

    Good luck.

  • rkatt, what side effects do you endure from the Gab?  Yes, Mucuna Pruriens has been the answer for me, but it does not last me throughout the night.  That's what my doc wants to see if he can alleviate. 

  • Hi SuperMNew, I increased the dose of Gabs gradually. The only   side effect  was slight muscle ache. When that faded I upped the dose. Now there are no side effects.

  • Thanks for this, rkatt!  Did you experience any weight gain with the meds?

  • Yes, it makes me hungry, so I've gained a few pounds, but this has plateaued now. I was quite skinny so I don't mind. The help Gabapentin has delivered outweighs everything else. But as I said annoying muscle contractions continue to keep me awake. I knock these out with a herb orientated remedy. Can't wait to see a neurologist in 2 weeks and hope I can substitute something medical for the herbal thing.

  • I was concerned about taking klonopin for RLS so my doc switched me to gabapentin, 100mg, increasing by 100 mg every 3 days until effective. At 300 mg I slept 7 hours for first time in years. Don't take magnesium within 3 hours of taking the Gaba at bedtime. Lost some effectiveness after 2 years but still working fair.

  • Thanks for your info, Bajatom!  My doc started me at one capsule of 300 mg 2 hours before I want to sleep.  My first night was not good, but may have been due to food allergies.  This has been quite a journey of finding out what is causing my RLS.  Blessings to you!

  • Hi Super, I take 300mg of Gabapentin and 50mg of Tramadol before bed. I still have occasional interrupted sleep, but I am much better than before when I used Requip, which only worked for a very short time. I hope you have success with the Gaba.

  • Yes, Teddy, I experienced the same with ropinerole, which is generic for Requip.  And then coming off ropinerole was no fun!!  Thanks for your information.

  • One more thing, Teddy.  Did you experience weight gain with Gab?

  • Hi SuperMNew  Gabapentin seems to be one of those meds that either works really well or not at all so it is truly a try it and see one. I got up to 3,600mg a day and unfortunately it made not the slightest bit of difference to my symptoms but I have heard of some getting amazing results from it so worth a go . The main side effect I hear of is weigh gain which I hear alot! Good luck  ..Pipps x 

  • Thanks, Pip!  I'm still in the first week, but have not noticed much help yet.  I don't like the idea of weight gain, though.  Ugh!

  • You'll be be better with DHC it's codeine based but I haven't lost any sleep since I started using it.I tried gabapentin but not as good

  • What is DHC?  I'm finding mixed reviews with Gabapentin.  I don't like the idea of weight gain with any of this stuff!

  • I am on Gab and found it works for me over the last 18mths. Although i have had to increase the dosage - with GP agreement. It does take a while to kick in so don't expect miracles and also you start on low dose and work up so not sure a month is long enough

    Worth a try though

  • Nellie321, does it keep your RLS under control and allow you to sleep through the night?

  • I was put on gabapentin in November last year, it worked brilliantly... for 2 months. By the end of January my rls had come back, an increase in gabapentin didn't seem to work so I decided to stop taking it altogether. I know it is a god send for a lot of sufferers, but sadly not for me. I hope you find it helps if you do try it.

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