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Has anyone tried Melatonin Supplements?

I am looking into alternatives to the Clonazepam, which I use to help me get off to sleep, albeit a chemical sleep.

I’ve been doing some internet research and came across Melatonin Supplements, which appear to be only sold in the US?

The Clonazapam helps me sleep but also makes me groggy in the mornings, which is really affecting me getting to work on time.

From looking at the Wikipedia page it looks like Melatonin could really help with natural sleep and has other good qualities. But after delving a little deeper it also has its critics.

It looks like it can only be prescribed by a GP in the UK but I’m not 100% sure.

I’m going to see my GP soon and will ask about it but I wondered if anyone had tried it and if it helped?

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someone from the UK wil have to help with the "prescription" question. I am in the US, but I can tell you about Melatonin. All of my doctors recommend the use of it. It is a natural hormone that your brain produced anyway. As we get older our brains produce less of it, so supplementing it helps wuth sleep as we get older, too. It is best taken 2 hrs before you wantt to be in bed/asleep. Doses go from 1 mg to much higher. I take 9 mgs every night, and if my rLS is not bothering me, I sleep much better with the Melatonin. In the states we can buy this in almost any store, but like I said I have no idea about the UK. We have lots of UK people here! so, one of them will jump in. Will go find one for you. :o)


My neurologist suggest I try Melatonin for sleep...over the counter in USA.

It did not help me.


I got my answer! :o) My friend, who lives in London, says it is prescription only in your country; recommended for older folks for a short amount of time. makes no semse to me, since if one's brain is making less melatonin, it needs to be supplemented. and, a short amount of time is not going to fix it, unless one is only using it for jet lag or shift work.


My GP prescribed melatonin for me in place of a sleeping pill. I think it was 2mg. The purpose being to 'train' me back into good sleeping pattern. You are supposed to only take it for 13 weeks. To be seen as cooperative I took it and it made absolutely no difference for me, no benefit at all..


I live in Northern Ireland and bought 10mg Melatonin online its my second bottle but so far my sleep is no different and its said only 3mg is needed. I'm not going to promote it on my experience im afraid.


There are critics of this supplement who suggest the brain gets lazy and stops naturally producing melatonin, therefore compounding the situation. The jury is out as far as I'm concerned, as the majority of drugs and supplements used for RLS have potential negative effects on ones health long term.


there is a supplement called 5htp available in health shops. its actually 5 hydroxy triptophan, and is a precursor to melatonin in the brain. the reason that melatonin is not available over the counter in the UK is because there has not been enough time passed to see about long time side effects, or so they say.

if you wish to try 5htp be very careful because it is also used to treat depression and can mess up your normal meds, so check with your GP. i was a manager for some years in a well known health shop which is where i learnt this info. goodluck.


Hello, this is my 1sr reply OR any type of post on this superb RLS Help website,

I have visited the old Ekborn syndrome website many times + their new,

website is a great source of help. I have just obtained from EBAY,

A source of MELATONIN here is the link for them ordered from EBAY! in total (150743769326)- This is the EBAY Number for this item.

I imported them + did not pay any import tax BUT this is not always possible,

I have found they were only helping a bit BUT i was taking the normal 3mg

does BUT i will now try the 9mg does that nightdancer has said helps her.

The product per tablet also contains: vitamin B6, calcium, melatonin ,

L-theanine + Gama-aminobutyric acid(GABA) + Herbal blend of

(Chamomile + Valerian extract

It helps promote a better nights sleep? I have only been Taking the 3mg

dose for a few weeks now, So i will let you ALL Know how i go on with,

The 9mg dose A.S.A.P.


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