Restless Legs Syndrome
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New categories on RLS-UK Forum

Good morning all,

We have introduced new categories on this forum and ask that you PLEASE ensure you assign your posts and/or questions to one of these:

RLS Diagnosis

RLS General Chat

RLS Medications

Non-med treatments

RLS Research

RLS Symptoms

RLS Tips

RLS in Children

If you have any ideas for additional categories which may be of use, please let us know.

Thank you for your cooperation


Chair RLS-UK

5 Replies

Where do we find them....??


When a forum user starts a new question or post they will be asked to choose a category under which that question or post will appear.


Ah right, thank you.... :) Ok, i can see the list now...


What about thank for all the lovely support as well as live changing and finding a reason for living:):):):)hahahah but truly grateful. Kind regards.


Mispiernas how have you been feeling these days on antibiotics and new diet?


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