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New RLS-UK Website now live

New RLS-UK Website now live

The new RLS-UK website is now live and has lots of new features. We have added a forum to the new website to provide an information sharing hub for people living with RLS. Our HealthUnlocked forum will continue to operate for now. However we would ask that you will join our new forum as soon as possible. The new forum gives us direct control over administration so we can immediately ban people trying to sell 'cures' and should also allow us to better manage online disputes etc.

Please visit us at

If you have any feedback about the new site we would like to hear it!

Thank you

The RLS-UK Team

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I have just had a quick look. Will have a better look later. The online forum looks interesting...


Dear all,

We need you to join our forum so we can better govern members, particularly those who are abusive or trying to sell products. Please join...

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I have tried to join the forum on RLS-UK.I have registered but am not receiving the verification email.Have asked to be resent but nothing coming through. I tried using the contact us link , filled In details but keeps coming uo saying please provide a valid email address which I have done !


Pipps have you done it yet... ? I am on there... x


No Elisse,it just keeps saying check your email to verify account but no email coming through!


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