RLS-UK 'Coffee mornings'

RLS-UK have been thinking about holding 'coffee mornings' in regions across the UK, an opportunity for our supporters to come along, have a cup of tea/coffee (should they wish - we know tea and coffee can aggravate RLS symptoms in some people), and most importantly have a chat with other people who live with RLS. No dates have yet been identified.

If you are in the UK, would you be interested in attending such an event? If so, please give us an indication of where you are in the UK.

To indicate, please choose one of the following - we know they are relatively crude collective terms but please try to stick to them so we can get a rough idea of where we should be looking to hold the 'coffee mornings'. So, if you are in the West Midlands, please just write WM.

Please do not comment below if you have already responded on our Facebook page as we do not want to double count.

SE - South East

London - All of London

NW - North West

East - East of England

WM - West Midlands

SW - South West

YH - Yorkshire & Humber

EM - East Midlands

NE - North East

Wales - All of Wales

NI - All of Northern Ireland

Sc - All of Scotland

Thank you

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  • Yes YH

  • YES EM

  • I would live to come to a coffee morning. I live in Egham SURREY so I suppose that would be South East?

    Kindest regards


  • SE

  • yes NE

  • yes, North Staffordshire

  • Maesllan5, can you clarify what region this sits in please?

  • Close to Stone ST15 post code, North of Stafford.

  • its in Nottinghamshire

  • Yes please! London.

  • Yes Please North Wales

  • What a lovely idea....I wish we could have one in Australia. I live on the the Gold Coast.

  • Spudellen, I agree. How great would it be to organize a meet-up. I'm in New England in the U.S. No groups nearby where I am, but I appreciate access to this site to learn how others are coping

  • Anyone interested in Gloucestershire coffee morning?

  • Wales - Cardiff

  • What a great idea , I am having probs getting on to rls site so only just read it ,the midlands Worcester

  • Hello Everyone, I live in East Sussex and would be interested in a coffee morning.


  • Me too and I live in West Sussex :)

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