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RLS-UK Newsletter Case Study

Hello all,

I am looking for a case study who would be willing to feature in the April 2013 RLS-UK Newsletter. As you may be aware, the RLS-UK Newsletter is circulated on a quarterly basis to members of RLS-UK charity.

In short, I would like someone’s story of RLS, with a focus on some/all of the following:

- your forename

- your location (please note that I would prefer to use a story of someone living in the UK)

- your age

- a recent photo - this is essential

- when you developed RLS

- if anyone in your family has it

- when it was diagnosed (and how...and where)

- what medications you have tried (if any)

- what you do to manage you own RLS

- any tips you may have for dealing with RLS

- anything else which may be of interest to others living with RLS

If you would be willing to participate, please forward the above details to me

I am hoping this will become a regular feature so I may ask again in the future for other participants. Please note that I expect to ‘use’ the first full response which I receive - any others will be put into a reserve list for possible use in future editions of the RLS-UK Newsletter.

Many thanks,


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Come on, folks, help Daragh out with this. ;) I am in the US, so cannot do it, but personal stories are soooooo helpful for people who feel that they are all alone in this, and helps them realize that they do not have to suffer alone. ;)


I'd do it in a heart beat but I don't think I suffer badly enough & I expect to go back to the US in April ?

I'm sure there's someone much more worthy than me !


No one has volunteered yet but I think I ve done one before . If you are stuck daragh let me know if you want me to do it .


Thank you thedragon. I have one case study volunteer but will accept others for possible inclusion in future RLS-UK Newsletters.


Well if you have someone that's fine. Better a new case study than a repeat!!! But if you ever want my help just give me a shout.!

Just as an addition...have you heard of Biobank. I volunteered a few years back and am hoping that may go somewhere with future investigations. They have all my medical history and stuff. It's really interesting what its all about!


Hi Daragh,

I am willing to help out, I was diagnosed last December 2012, but had been suffering for a year. This was due to doctors thinking it was related to other illness. Oh I live in UK.

Let me know.


hi. i am up for it.

had this for 35 years. diagnosed 17 years ago. my daughter 28 now has it. i am on ropinirole. 16mg slow release and 4 mg twice daily.



just seen this - I live in Essex and Ropinirole slow release cannot be prescribed for RLS here - luckily for me my neuros are both actively trying to get it through but no luck so far... Seeing your post gives me hope



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