Has anyone tried Lyrica as a treatment for RLS ?

I have recently been diagnosed with Fibromyalgia and have been prescribed Lyrica ( pregabalin )..

Since taking it all my RLS symptoms seem to have vanished !? Just wondering if this is a drug that is used to treat RLS as my meds for the RLS is requip which tbh does nothing lol

Just a thought but if this has not been tried then possibly asking your dr about it ? Beware though !! The 1st week i took it I was stoned, completly off my face, but in a really happy hippy type way lmao

Tina x

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  • Sounds fun.!!!!! Happy hippy!!! I'll have a google!!

  • I haven't tried lyrica, but I've heard of it working for RLS and I've been curious about trying it myself. It's supposed to be closely related to neurontin, but stronger (so you can take less of it). I'm glad it's working for you. If you don't mind me asking, what dose are you on? How often do you take it?

  • From what i have read it is a more potent version of gabapentin ! now i could not take gabapentin as it did not agree with me ! But I am now sleeping thru the night, waking up fresh as a daisy... And yes, had a week of chasing aura's and giggling away at work in my own little world.. May not have been the safest thing eh.. But at least i was happy lol

  • My brother who has RLS as i do aswell. He takes Pramipexole at the highest dose which works for his legs, but his arms were playing up, his doctor has now added Pegabalin, and the last time i spoke with him it was working.

  • Off to see my consultant on July 8th and will ask about Pregabalin. I am currently on 4 mg Neuro patches but my skin is badly affected so a change of drug will probably happen. Thank you e bunny and keep on being happy hippy. All the best. Conchita

  • Please let us know how the pregabalin works out. Also, please keep in mind, when/if you come off the patch, there's a good chance you'll get some augmentation. Good luck!

  • Hi I took Lyrica for Fibromyalgia for a few months. I had to come off it after a few months off it when my family "intervened" to tell me it had turned me "mental". They said it made me erratic, aggressive , moody, so maybe something to watch for.

    I take Gabapentin now for RLS with no problems.

    Take care, T

  • how much gabapentin do you take? and how often? i'm currently at 600 mg three times a day

  • Hi

    I take 900 mg of Gabbys at night as this is mostly my RLS prob time.

    In the day for FMS I am already taking avg of 400 mg Tramadol plus use Fentanly patches 25mg (3 days) - so these "generally" help daytime RLS but not always. T

  • Thanks for replying. I wish I could take the pain meds, but they give me sleep apnea and kill my libido. The three 600 mg doses of neurontin are taking the edge off, but I'm contemplating going up to 900 mg doses. I guess I'm still chasing the feeling I got from tramadol. It was amazing to have my legs feel quiet and normal.

  • I have been told they have affected my personality... But seems to be in a good way !! I have become more open ( I was always quiet, and didnt talk much to anyone ). Now I am taking charge of situations at work and management seem to like the new me XD..

    Another common side affect is meant to be weight gain, though i am losing weight because of them !! And this also is not a bad thing !! As ppl allways say, everybody reacts differantly to meds.. I got the good side affects for once in my life lol..

    All i can say is give it a try.. there is nothing to lose if your current meds arent working ! And you allways have the option to stop if they dont suit you =)

  • That is a great sales pitch! :)

    If my neurontin experiment doesn't work, I might give it a try.

  • Hey E-bunny, are you still on Lyrica for RLS? If so how what dose and how many times a day? Did it help daytime mild RLS during sitting periods? Did you gain a lot of weight (reported 7% average within a few weeks)? Also, depression is also a concern, especially if you already suffer from depression, anxiety.

  • LOL... Not meaning it to sound like one.. XD I get my medications free so they wont benefit from me having them XD

  • Yes It stopped the RLS with was great but I made my legs and feet swell and I had to be taken off of it.

  • I am about to speak with my doctor about Lyrica. I have taken Requip for many years only to recently learn that this medication when taken over long periods of time, significantly increase the already unbearable symptoms. I have had symptoms increase to unimaginable levels! I Thank you for your post! You have given me a little more hope. A relative of mine took Requip and Gabapentin, as have I for years. Recently her doctor began tapering her off of both of these, and started her on Lyrica. I am hopeful for the first time in a long time!!!

  • I am on lyrica, these RLS and Fibromyalgia really works well with lyrica. But the only issue is worse are the weather. I have arthrtits with it makes more hurt. I take Norflex to help the muscle to relax but it still doesn't help the pain.

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