Lyrica plus pramipexole for RLS

Happy 4th of July to all first !! I want to share that I have been taking every night Lyrica 150 mg 2 pills plus pramipexole ER 0.75 mg for about last 2 years on the advice of my doctor. Lately, I had one night a bad reaction and my whole body was very agitated and I had the most horrible time that night. The next day, I went to see my Primary doctor and told him what happened and he told me try taking only one Lyrica pill plus pramipexole, so I did despite that my Primary doctor knows about RLS only thru me. It worked very well and now I question why my RLS doctor told me to take Lyrica 150 mg plus pramipexole. I think it's insane when I think about it, it's way too much. At that time I did not know about Lyrica. Now I am transferred to another doctor because she moved from where I live and I entend to tell the new one why such high dose. I ask whoever can comment on this, I will appreciate your opinion, sometimes we know better than doctors because we experience the disease more than they know and many times they just try on you not really knowing what will happen. What do you think?? would love to hear from whoever want to comment on this post. thanks to all!! Alia 22

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  • That's an interesting response by your doctor. I would have expected him to reduce the pramipexole slowly, as it would seem you were showing the first signs of Augmentation, which happens with dopamine agonists, not lyrica. However, you say it worked very well so presumably you have not had another night where your whole body was agitated.

    If that is the case, then great. Long may it continue.

  • Despite your issues with the medicines which I do truly sympathize with, I had to give a chuckle with your "Happy 4th of July." Struck me funny because this site is geared to people in the U.K. And England was who we got our independence from!

  • Funny indeed and thank you for the reply. I was only once on this website, long time ago and forgot how to navigate to write about my concern and did not realize that I was writing in UK territory. Sorry about invading your space and I am laughing with you.

  • Haha again! Not my space. I'm in the US!!!!!

  • It's so funny !! You can tell that I don't know what I am doing. Glad that you see only the funny side of it. Enjoy the rest of the day in ....the US!!


  • Lol

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