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Anyone tried tramadol for RLS??

I finally managed to speak to my gp abut my RLS yesterday. I've had it all my life but until I found this site I didn't realise anything could be done about it. He has prescribed me tramadol for it as I've had it before for chronic pain. I used it last night and it kinda did work for my RLS but unfortunately they made me wide awake so was up until 4am :(

Does tramadol work for anyone else?? x

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Hi yes I have tried tramadol before but sadly it did not help :-( I have tried alsorts in the passed I have bought machines and creams , sprays , tablets and magnets non of them helped ! I am now on my 4 th different medication prescribed by the gp which works :-) but like we all say what works for one does not work for another :-( glad it is helping you :-)


Tramadol was the first real med that helped my RLS due t help I got back from a support group I found on line in 1997. It was like heaven for my RLS, but not my pain issues, so that is the only reason I stopped it. has a reat treatment page and the doctor on there talks about how effective t an be. It can cause insomina for some. Trial and error. :)


Nightdancer is right about trial and error..

Tramadol caused me to sleep 12 hours..haha.

My body did the opposite thing.

It didn't work well at all for me. I was a walking zombie

PLUS my legs still fought me at night.


Just had my first night off tramadol for three years. The tramadol gave me terrible insomnia so i had to take clonazepam to help me sleep. Now been put on gabapentin as it seems my problems may be due to nerve damage after a spine op.


Interesting, as i know i have had RLS. But, had spine op a year ago and wondered if that has helped make me worse.


Pain from RLS was not helped by tramadol, maybe I had been taking kapake for too long.


Hello. I only joined this site recently. Yes I can say that the prolonged release tramadol is of benefit definately for my painfal RLS in combination with other medications. If you suffer faciculations as well it seems to help with these too.


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