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FREE phone app. Want to see how well you are doing and help with research at the same time?

Hi Everyone,

I thought I’d let you know of a FREE new phone app that you might be interested in downloading.

It’s called Smoke Free and once downloaded will enable you to set when your quit date was/is and will then keep you updated on how long you have been without a cigarette, how many you've not smoked, how much money you've saved and how your health is improving. These indicators really give you a sense of progress and it’s great to see the hours, days (and pounds) mount up :-)

I’ve just put in my quit date from 1994 and quite shockingly, based on £6.50 for 20 cigarettes – I have saved myself over £45,000!!! :-/

There is a wider benefit too because the app is designed to help researchers understand more about cravings. Each day you'll be asked about the number you had and how severe they were (looks like you can answer both in about ten seconds). Hopefully at the end we'll all know more about cravings and whether there are patterns that can be detected and perhaps even predictions of the craving path a future quitter might expect.

The app is free and you don't have to take part in the overall experiment to use it. We at the Roy Castle Lung Cancer Foundation are not formally associated with it but we do want to help and in the future, we might use it as a way of testing our own ideas out.

The app can be downloaded from the app store (link below) and more information about the project (and screenshots of the app) can be found on; smokefreediary.com

Let us know what you think :-)

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Hi Emjay, sounds brill but I haven't got a fancy up to date phone. :O


Hi Emjay, snap! :o ;-) :D :D


Oooops-a-daisy :-(

Okay then....

For those with the new fancy all singing and dancing phones, the above app will work fine for you....

For those without, I'll find you all a link of something similar that you can pop up on your computer screen :-)

Here you go....

If you scroll to the bottom of the screen on this link, you will find a desktop app / widget


Hope this works for you :-)


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