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Daily Blog Wednesday 10th April 2013

Daily Blog Wednesday 10th April 2013

Good morning all you lovely people.

I have attached a picture of my bunnie Fifi and Lulu. I didn't pick the names as they were rescue pets. So cute. They are sisters and about 5 years old.

Having a bad day already. Car has problems and asked garage to fix it. They had it for 2 days did nothing. Booked into another garage on Monday for this morning. They had forgotten to order part and it won't be in until at least tomorrow :-) Got an absess so that sums up the day so far!!

On a happier note I have been smoke free for 8 whole days and this is day 9. Seriously can't believe how good I have been as I have very little willpower. All of you have helped me greatly and I love keeping in touch daily. THANK YOU. YOU ARE ALL STARS TO ME.

Have a great day, kettles boiled so cuppa time.

Sue x

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Morning Sue

Beautiful rabbits! Fifi and Lulu,great names for them, even if you didn't choose, sound fluffy and soft.

Sorry you're having a bad start to the day. I hope you get some relief from that abscess, horrible painful things - antibiotics, painkillers, and nurse yourself kindly if you can.

Then the car! Keep calm, keep strong, tea is good.

You have done just so great keeping smoke free! It's brilliant - and you say you have no willpower!! You are a star! Remember that all day, and feel good about it, you deserve to :)

All good wishes for an improving day coming your way.



Good Morning Bunnyrabbit and Everyone else :0)

Loving the Fifi and Lulu photies, nice to hear you've given them a forever home :0) Sorry to hear of your chugger-boom trouble, once you're used to driving, not having a car makes a huge difference! Try some mouthwash or salt water for your abscess but you may need a course of antibiotics. This may mean a trip to the dentist but they'll be pleased to hear that you've quit smoking too. You may notice lots of improvements starting to happen in your mouth now, fresher breath, gums starting to heal - although you probably didn't realise they were being harmed! Well done to you, you're doing fab :0)

Morning Betts, I hope you're in for a good day :0)

I'm just on a choo choo train to London, I have a meeting to discuss the development of our Quit Support site and hopefully we'll be finding our about exciting improvements coming up. Shall also talk to them about the gremlins that have been knocking about too!

Remember, not everyone has willpower to begin with... It's something that with a bit if practise, anyone can have :0)


HI Sue, love the pictures of your rabbits. I see we were both opening up the same time this morning. Anyway I have made John his cakes. Should keep him happy for a short while :D

Here are some more cakes for the rest of us. Enjoy.



catch up later. xx


Thanks Jillygirl lovely suecx


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