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8months and nearly two stone

Ickytoots15 YEARS WINNER

Right brag first I'm 8 month smoke free!!! But I'm two stone heavier and with all the money I have saved from fag.s I'm going on holiday but the two stone means I need new holiday clothes!! Problem were can you buy holiday clothes in January in UK!!!!! With just over two weeks before I go!! Help a chick out xx

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Tootsy, you flippin BRAGGGGGG gal :) :) cos 8 months quit is just flippin ACE and am lovin it :) :) hmmm, I'd do my bum wiggle dance but cant find my grass skirt see, and well, it just aint the same without that eh :o :D :D I am so so happy and PROUD of ya Toots, I really am gal :) :)

LMAO, you a Woman, a Lady, a Chick andddddddd, you dont know where to buy holiday clothes from :o :o :o hmmmm, I just hope a Woman or a Lady or a Chick comes on here soon, cos I aint got a flippin clue :o orrrrrrr, maybe try one of these catalogue firms :) :)

Happy hunting Chick and see's ya soon :) :)

BriarwoodAdministrator in reply to monky

Will a duck do😳😂😂😂

Hidden in reply to monky



Hiya icky, 8 months is fantastic and you're definitely allowed to brag about that😊 well done hun🎉🎈🎊🍾 delighted for ya👍🏼

How exciting a holiday in 2 weeks time😎😎

I'd go online and check out summer clothes if I was you, might be your best bet. A lot of the shops stock swimwear all year round but probably a bit early for the rest of the stuff. I'd luv to be going somewhere hot and sunny like you, any room in your case for me😂

I reckon Shanti will give ya a few tips about shopping as she's in charge of retail therapy, think she's got a degree in it😉

Have a terrific time coz you deserve it😊

bandit2Planning To Win

good for you 8 months I can only imagine, When did u stop your withdrawl symptoms and what did u get. I dont know what a stone is? Do u not have any high end stores in the UK that carry all season clothes or look on the internet stores selling summer clothes and the area u live in. Hope that helps as Im not from the UK. Im from Canada

Ickytoots15 YEARS WINNER in reply to bandit2

Hey bandit I'm really lucky or I was really ready to quit I had rough sleep pattern for while and really sore bleeding gums that was my quit!! I've found it quite easy to give up . Even though my partner and family all smoke. Think I was just ready I've ordered some holiday clothes from e bay they may not be lovely but HOLIDAY IS MORE IMPORTANT it's my quit money that is taking me good luck on your quit bandit

I also put on a couple of stone. A stone is about 6kgs Bandit. My advice Icky, is head to the subcontinent, & with any luck a decent dose of Bombay Belly will strip the weight off in no time & you'll be able to fit into your existing wardrobe. Alternatively, you could try one of those nudie health spas where all you'll need to pack is jewellery for the formal dinners.

Ickytoots15 YEARS WINNER in reply to roneo

Lol you make me laugh but seen as on daughter 11years old and my mother are coming bombay belly is my only hope eek xx

droopyJMarvellousness LTW in reply to roneo

Lmao roneo, trust you to mention the nudest spa 😮😊😊😊

droopyJMarvellousness LTW

I also put on two stone. ... I could lend ya some 😂😂

Icky, 8 months is flipping FANTABULOUS hun 😊😊 well done you and enjoy the hols..... I reckon you could get some from the charity shops, what's the point in spending when your gonna lose it 😊😊😊

Well Droopy, you know the old saying...."if the shoe fits, wear it....& if it doesn't, go barefoot." OK, I made up that last little bit. Speaking of little bits, I guess going au naturelle would be enough to account for the "lmao".

BriarwoodAdministrator in reply to roneo

Ha ha ha how come life is sooooo easy from a male perspective😂😂😂😂

droopyJMarvellousness LTW in reply to roneo

You do make me laugh Roneo 😊😊

jaglan22 Months Winner

Hey icky toots!!!!! Well done you!!! I'm still chasin ya!!! On the weight front too it seems!!!!! I'm a tracky bottom convert now!!!! 😱 If your off skiing then no probs!!! But I doubt that's yr destination somehow!!! Save your hard quitter pennies icky, buty one swim wear one towel (maybe two of each at a push) towel doubles up as a wrap around, swimsuit is elasticated to compensate for the extra cocktail and over indulgence!!!! Win win I say!!!! Xxx ENJOY!! You sooooooo deserve it!!!! :-)))))

Ickytoots15 YEARS WINNER in reply to jaglan

Thank you keep chasing me ill keep going so we both win this long race!!!! I will get something some were!! Xx

bandit2Planning To Win

ok this is bugging me 2 stones ? Someone told me a stone is 6 kilograms which means nothing to me Im a pounds girl please can someone convert this for me. I have to catch on to your lingo but I think it will take me sometime as Ive never heard it before. I like to learn new things.

droopyJMarvellousness LTW in reply to bandit2

There's 14lbs in a stone so 28lbs bandit.....😊

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