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Day 6 and feel depressed!


Is this normal :-( I feel utterly depressed and im totally grumpy and just generally peed off with anything and everything. My poor 7 year old daughter is sick as a dog. Is this normal?

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I'm afraid that this appears to be normal. It is nicotine trying to make you feel bad for finishing with him. Unfortunately he is a selfish sh*t and if he can't have his way then why should anyone else. The good news is, it will not last and nicotine and his evil power will fade away.

Just try to find something to occupy your mind.

I sit naked in a corner and chew little balls of tin foil. It does work for me but I keep getting arrested and I am now on a register. (Still not smoking though)


Thanks fags :-) I am utterly determined not to give in this 3 days time it will be the longest I havent smoked for in my whole smoking life! My life just feels so 'odd' right now. Hehehe ya nutter.....made me laugh that did ;-) Jo

Fags1 in reply to jojolou1975

Keep on with that positive and determined attitude. I have found some days, I have had moments of absolutely intolerable cravings followed by sh*tty moods and unexplained bad temper. Having found this bunch of people has really worked for me this time. I have tried in the past but always been alone in my efforts. This time I have such wonderful encouragement and support from people who know exactly what I am experiencing. This has given me the drive I have always lacked. I am a non smoker, I will stay a non smoker. :D:) keep on not doing it

Thanks fags :-) How long have you been a non smoker for now? Im actually feeling quite proud of myself right now. I just hate being in a really really bad snappy mood :-(

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Six weeks five days without a smoke - I started smoking in 1968. I have been using NRT lozenges and been reducing the dosage gradually. Today I have had NONE.

It seems like a long six weeks and five days but I am so f*****g proud of myself.

I fancied a fag for about 5 - 6 minutes around lunchtime. I will probably get another craving tonight as I am going for a pint in the pub with the money I've saved. These cravings are so much easier to ignore now. I still get a bit grumpy for the smallest of reasons but these little (moods) soon pass. It has all been worth it. 45 years OMG I'm free X :0

Woo hoo!!!!!!! thats absolutely amazing, your a total inspiration, all of you are! thanks for being there today for me, I needed it! Have a good night :-) Jo x

My pleasure, Have a good un, I'm off line till tomorrow now.



Sad to hear your a bit's a horrible feeling the nicotine craving.

Keep going jojo you've come a long long way.many people don't get as far as you

I believe if we win this battle and it is a will make us stronger mentally than before.

Stronger ,healthier and richer.

Keep going. Kevin

Thanks Kevin :-) Im sooo glad I didnt give in today.....believe me, I thought about it. Hopefully tommorow will be a better day :-) I feel psychologically once I get to Wednesday (10 days quit) I will feel more positive as its the longest ever I have gone without a fag. Feel almost at the mo like im just getting up to 9 days which is where I was before I gave in a month ago. if that makes sense! x

Good girl.

It's easy to start again.

I am determined to pack in this time .

It's been over five weeks for me.I. have an e cig when it gets hard.

I am starting to feel really well.I went for a six mile walk this morning.

It took me just over ninety minutes the weather was bad but I felt great after it

The thing I like about this site we are all going through the same journey.

It get everyone down and depressed your not alone

Good luck kevin

magpie36320 Months Winner

Hi jojolou well done you for getting so far. Dont be too hard on yourself a few grumps and groans along the way is to be expected. keep strong everyone we are all doing so great.

Linda xx


Hi jojolou I get absorbed in my work and try not to think of it - remember the stink of cigarettes changing our fingers to yellow etc. get fresh air on a walk. I think the fag has the best advice.

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