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So proud and then I boobed!!!

Hello every one hope you are all ok.well here goes....yesterday I went to the shop the ones where the smelly cigs are behind the screens and bought my beer,now I don't like them self service tills so I went to the manned one,and the man says to me do you need cigarettes,I have never been asked this before and said no thank you I don't smoke.well I felt so proud of myself I got in the car and thought yess I've cracked this no smoking lark!!!

I drove home and my hubby has a sore shoulder and he was hungry,now we all know that if a man is hungry he turns into a two year old and has a tantrum(he is usually a very placid man honestly),so I had a tantrum back and if I was a volcano I would have erupted and then I snatched his tabbaco tin rolled a smelly cig went outside and smoked it.

Did I feel better?no I did not.

On a more positive note, I have not had a smelly cig today nor do I want one,but this blogger needs to realise that when I get annoyed I need to deep breath and not reach for the tin.hopefully lesson learned.

Oh and by the me and hubby are now friends and I love him very much today.lol.xx

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Hi Elissa, :)

You pat yourself on the back gal, or get hubby to do it for you :) cos I think we all have a erm hicup while we are quitting, and for you to get through that and just have one little smelly cig, and find that you didnt feel any better for having it :o I think myself that its all part of learning to do without the cigs.

So next time hubby decides to turn into a 2 year old :o :D think of something you can do to erm counteract it :) and I dont mean bash him with the frying pan either :P :D :D

What about one of Emjay's breathing exercises !!

Go for a walk

Slurp a bottle of vino down you

If that fails, turn into a 2 year old yourself, cos they dont smoke :)

Rite am off cos got places to go, people to see and things to do :o :|

PS glad you and hubby are X again :) :)


Hi Elissa, I probably would have done the same myself - tell hubby to keep his tin of smelly tobacco hidden and out of sight, that is why the tobacco stuff in shops is behind closed doors to discourage non smokers from being tempted. As Pete says, it's brilliant that you can go back to not smoking today, that is really good. Can sympathise with hubby too, I'm the same - terrible 2's when I'm hungry :)


Should have hit hubby on his shoulder with his tin.then through him out ha ha kevin


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