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Using champix and still smoking

Hi there this is Jada and I am taking champix and just finishing up my 4th week on it and Im still smoking.Mind you I am not smoking nearly as much as I used to. I smoke 3-4 a day and different times than I used to but I still cant seem to kick the habit.Anyone else out there having the same problem? Any suggestions would be appreciated

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Dear Jada

I think you should discuss this with whoever prescribed you the champix.

best of luck, i wish you success



Hi Jada :) a big big welcome to this lovely quit smoking site :) we are all very friendly and dont bite :o erm well, not unless you have cakes :) :)

I too am taking champix :)

When you first start taking champix, you are supposed to set a quit date from 10 - 14 days after !!

But saying that, I didnt, I carried on for another 3 days, then something hit me, I didnt smoke half the cigs that day, so I said to myself, this is it, so my quit date was the next day :)

I must say that I also use the mouth spray to help me !!

Please keep us informed on how you are getting on, and if you need any more info :)

Pete :)


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