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Hello everybody hope you are all well.Day 8 is nearly done have had a good but busy day and am hoping for a full nights sleep,I have had two rotten nights!! The wanting of smelly cigs seems to have reduced today but I'm not getting too hopeful because last time I quit I went seven weeks and got an almighty craving that I could not shift and I keep thinking what will I do when that massive wanting comes to get me,all suggestions would be gratefully received..xx

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Hi Elissa, a big well done on your 8th day :) :) hopefully your body will be getting used to not having cigs by now, so you will have a nice sleep tonight :)

As for the big craving you had, I think we all get one of them just before we start smoking again :o :( when ever & where ever it took place, perhaps practice fighting it off :) so that you are ready for it next time :)

Have you tried Emjay's breathing exercises ??

I am off to bed shortly, and will have a think about that one :o :) nite nite Elissa, try to relax when you go to bed eh :) :)


Thank you monky will definitely try the breathing exercises or kick box them away. lol.. nite nite.


Hi Elissa and well done :) yes we've all had those moments..I know I have !!

Breathing works well,i read one that said ..breathe deep hold it for as long as you can then breathe out repeat 3 times and the craving will have gone..for me it definitely works ..just wish id found it sooner,but heyo its now in my toolkit. I also believe in telling nic loud and clear to 'go away' or however one wishes to phrase it lol :) hopefully having been caught out before ,when or if it does pop up again you will be in a stronger place and know not to head its call :) xx jan


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