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Good morning everyone :-)

How is everyone today, it’s a bit dull here. I really need the sun now, it makes us all feel a little better 8-)

I can’t believe how fast this site is growing! I hope all our new members enjoy reading blogs by our Advisors but also by our other quitters. Whether you’re thinking about quitting, set your date or staying quit please feel free to share your questions, concerns or any tips/suggestions. They’re always welcome on here :D

Bellabella – a month smokefree is brilliant, well done. Think of all the benefits of quitting- financially and also to your health. You will have saved over £200 (based on a pack of 20 costing £7.50). Your body has improved its circulation, your sense of smell and taste buds will have improved and the carbon monoxide in your body will be that of a non-smoker, well done. I hope you’re pleased with yourself :D

Pete – Hello :D How are you this morning? Thank you for helping our quitters with sharing your tips etc., but also explaining how to put smilies and pics on. Always helping out ;-)

Buttons52 – Where do you work……. No computers!!! Well done for logging on here after a day at work. I’m glad you’re finding the site useful and your input is great support to others :D

Simba196 & Dawlol – Day 2, fantastic. Try and remember your reasons for quitting. Dawlol I know you’ve tried to quit before and I’m made up you feel comfortable coming and talking with us. Have you tried to quit in the past Simba196? The reason I ask is; we can use the relapse to learn about how we smoke, where our strengths are and how we can overcome those hurdles we struggle with. I hope I’m explaining this properly! Please shout if you don’t understand…..

If there’s anything anyone needs please give me a shout (the louder the better)!!!! 8-)

Speak soon

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Yes. numerous times i have. been smoking fot 44 plus years now is the time to stop as i have bc sue x


Thanks for getting back to me Sue.

I hope you're getting all the support you need on here. If there is anything specific you need please let me know.

Take care x


Hi ya Jarvo :)

Love the pic gal, its nice and cheerfull :) and yep its dull here in Debyshire too :( and I'm very well, thank you for asking :) I hope you are well also :)

Has anybody told you that you get younger looking every day :) think I'd best get back in my garage and do some pottering about :o :D :D speak later :)


Ah John he's lovely. Hope h'es better soon.

Happy pottering Pete ;-)


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