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I sang in the car today (No 18)

The biggest thing I ever had was a spoon the size of York

I had a knife that was larger than life

But only had an ordinary fork.

The amount of soup, I could shift in one scoop

Was on record as being the most

Acres of cheese I could spread with such ease

But the fork was for baked beans on toast

All good things must come to an end

As the spoon was considered a threat

Whilst stirring up gravy, the marines and the navy

Closed in with their strategic net

They shot it to bits, in a turbulent blitz

I never saw spoony again

I sleep bad at nights with sweating and fits

In my heart is a terrible pain

But I know in my soul, the biggest spoon of them all

is still there with the stars and the moon.

And the years seem to fly as my life passes by

We’ll meet once again, one day soon.

Now that I don't smoke, I have time on my hands, legs and part of my neck.

Have a splendid Friday Evening folks.

Love nonsense and cutlery

Fags XX

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Nonsense is just great isn't it, love it! 2nd glass of vino and plastic ciggie to hand, living where I do means access to tobacco is now impossible... wish me luck!


It's not easy but it has to be worth it. There's no better place to find the encouragement, sympathy, understanding and support than here. And if it helps your cause, you can cry for help, talk utter nonsense, scream at the world or whatever you need to do to exorcise your demons. Good luck, stay with it and take courage from all of us who know what it's like.

I've just moonwalked naked to the shops for half an egg and one of those rubber cone things that you put over the end of a trumpet. I didn't have any real need to do it but, It kept my mind occupied and helped me in my quitting.

The best of luck

Fags X :D