The old stapler trick

In order to take my mind off cravings, I take a regular stapler and pop a staple through one of my cheeks whenever I feel an urge.There is some swelling and discoloration,a reasonable expected amount of discomfort and pain, early signs of septicemia and gangrene, it hurts when I laugh, yodel or honk and my face involuntarily points to magnetic north at all times. However, day 15 and no fags. I must be doing something right.

Fags :D

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  • Do you ramble on like this when you go down the pub? :D :D

  • I'm barred from every pub within a fifteen mile radius:0

  • must be difficult finding staple friendly pubs..Well done 16 days smoke free...fantastic stuff...keep that stapler of luck to you.......

  • You ever tried a nail gun??

    Just nail your hands together so you cant pick up your fags,Fags you can still drink a pint through a straw!!

    At least you wont be smoking!!!.

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