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Article in news about e-cigarette

Article in news about e-cigarette

Due to so much interest generated about the use of the e-cigarette, I thought it may be useful if I posted the following article that has recently been in the news.

Although this product is still under review, there are quite a few of our members who have already stopped smoking through using one of the many different types of e-cigarettes.

Personally, I think that it has to be safer to use an e-cigarette than it is to smoke cigarettes and the sooner that a decision is made as to whether we can recommend the safe use of these products the better. However, until we know this, then I can only continue to provide you with the information as I find it and am not able to recommend it as a safe-to-use-product just yet.

I would also you to consider whether or not you are wanting to use the e-garette to eventually stop smoking, to help you to cut down the amount you smoke or use it just to replace smoking?

Quit Support tries to support all our members in their efforts to quit or reduce their nicotine intake. We do not support, advertise or encourage the use of specific products and would always encourage our members to eventually become free of nicotine use completely.

Anywhose, heres the article as promised:

Last Saturday, for the first time since 1965, an advert by a cigarette brand was to be broadcast on British television.

The advert has been put together to promote the E-Lites electronic cigarette which does not contain tar or tobacco, but does deliver nicotine to the smoker.

The campaign has been criticised by some health campaigners, who say that e-cigarettes can normalise the smoking habit.

Scotland Tonight discussed the issue with ASH Scotland's Chief Executive Sheila Duffy, and Michael Ryan, the co-director of E-Lites.

Please see the following link for more information;


Please also remember to enure the safet of you and your family in the use of e-cigarettes and not leave your e-cigarette battery on charge unattended due to the cause of fire - please see following link; ( quitsupport.healthunlocked.... )

Any questions, pleae do not hesitate to ask :-)

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my hubby got me the high l + b flavoured liquid but asked him to change it back to the cherry because it was too strong for me and hurting my throat,

I aint really using my e-cig THAT much but am using it when I REALLY crave, more-so in the afternoon but that's ok becuase usually by the afternoon I'd have had about 8-10 fags

I'll be doing the same as you madimad, sounds like we have the same idea about how we are going to try and stop smoking


Emjay, thanks for this. I am an advocate, having used an e-vape for the last few months. It is unarguable that giving up is the ultimate goal, but for those that have tried 'cold turkey' and failed and are still smoking tobacco - the e-cigarette is a much better alternative to the tar and chemicals that are legion in real cigarettes. E-vaping costs less, it smells less and you will feel better like I do. Google "electronic cigarette uk" - do not buy the cheap disposable ones, as they IMHO are less satisfying - get a proper ego starter kit and see what you think.


I recently purchased a "Tornado Tank" leccie Ciggie - I aint smoked since!!

they are a tad expensive, but worth it at double that - IMO


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