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One year nicotine free

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Rosiemarie8221 Months Winner
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Today marks one year. It has not been easy, well... the quit part was, the anxiety that was left behind has not been. But it is getting more manageable.

When I quit, I read a lot about people relapsing, how hard and unlikely it would be to quit on the first try. I am so glad that I surpassed those odds, barely even had a craving (after almost a decade of smoking).

If you are just thinking about quitting, or just started, DON'T GIVE IN! You can do it!!

Thanks to everyone here that has offered advice or support along the way! ♡ I truly appreciate you all.

11 Replies
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Huge congrats Rosiemarie on your major milestone 1 YEAR smoke free, fantastic🚭🎉👏👏

Lots to be proud of👍

Thanks for popping in to inspire others😊xx

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Congratulations Rosiemarie a fantastic milestone and something to be rightfully proud of xxx

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Well done you.I'm glad you-re managing the anxiety. Keep in touch🚭💪👍

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Rosiemarie8221 Months Winner

I started having panic attacks early last year, rushed to see my aunt (she is my pcp nurse). When I got there my bp was elevated, but my heart rate was like in the 140s. I thought I was having a heart attack. Doctor said panic attacks, (he had already increased my bp meds on a trip prior to this) and wrote me a prescription for zoloft. I have ZERO tolerance to I went home and followed his instructions took the medicine and went to bed. I woke up 3 days later :-/ lol.

I was in and out during that time, but not enough to want to go outside (never smoked in our house). I told my husband a.) Never taking that medicine again and b.) They say the hardest part of quitting is the first 3 days, so I'm not going to do it anymore. (He is a nonsmoker, so he was of course all for it, and understanding, helpful....which I think is key if you live with someone.)

I will say, I go nowhere without sugar free gum. It is my replacement crutch. Cheaper and easier on my body than smoking 100%! :-)

You can do it! Good luck on your journey.

***I do not endorse using prescription medications to knock yourself out. Merely my experience, bc I can't tolerate medicine :-) )

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Rosiemarie8221 Months Winner

You are very welcome. Best of luck to you! You got this :-)

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prue19567 MONTH WINNER

Well done Rosemarie that's fantastic news!!! x

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Cato920 Months Winner

Excellent job on one year, Rosiemarie! Thank you for sharing that you had very few cravings. After 100’s of quits, this time I rarely have a crave & I thought something was wrong with me until you shared you had the same experience. Celebrate your one year big time! You deserve it! 👏👏👏🌺🌸🌼🌻

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Rosiemarie8221 Months Winner

Thank you all, I celebrated today with a much deserved, much needed fantastic massage! She worked out all kinds of stress and it was amazing.

I probably should have mentioned...the money saved. By not smoking, we have saved enough to book a cruise for 3 to the Bahamas :-D so that's where you'll find us in October. I'm really excited, as this will be a first for me.

Never smoking again!

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Wait ago Rosiemarie- it gets even easier I am around 2 years smokefree. I still like the smell of a cigarette outside but don’t fancy smoking it.

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