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Sad news

Had some really shocking news yesterday, an old friend and neighbours daughter passed away aged 29 leaving a hubby and 4 children, was really hard as I lost my daughter aged 31 five years ago from a heroin overdose so it brought it all back to me. Am told she went to bed feeling unwell and asked her hubby to bring her a hot water bottle and by the time he got upstairs she had already gone :( just soo so sad :( I know how her mum must be feeling and how her life will be changed forever, she also quit smoking 50 days ago and how she will get through this without a ciggy is beyond me :( :(:( My sister also quit 2 weeks before me so 5 weeks ago and has started smoking again :( she says she will quit again soon, hopefully she will.

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Hi Delina, how sad :-( I am also sad for you in that it has stirred what is probably some painful memories for you too.

I'm sure your sister will stop again when she is ready. However, try and stay strong for yourself, this may be quite a trying time for you considering the memories it may bring back for you.

Remember that by smoking, it won't change anything but will leave you feeling worse off.

Big hugz being sent to comfort you xx


Hi Delina, that really is shocking news and always so sad when people are taken away so young. :(

I think we all have to follow our own quit journey cos even if you think you have a buddy there's always things that can happen to make you start again - especially so early in the quit. You sound like you will be strong enough to weather this storm and I'm sure that coming on here and sharing with us will hopefully give you the extra strength to get through this time and come out stronger on the other side. Please keep coming and show your sister that you will get through this whether you smoke or not.


Hi Delina, that is so sad, it must be so hard for you with all these sad memories coming back :(

Like Andi said coming on here will give you the strength you need right now, we are all here for you

(((hugs))) being sent to you x


Thanks Emjay, andi and Sue, I have caved in on the other quit attempts when life got tough but not this time, I am determined never to smoke again and I am sure life will throw more my way at some point but smoking is not going to change anything in fact it adds to the stress as I then worry about what its doing to my health xx


Soory for your sad news Delina. Like you said even if you had a

ciggie it would not make things better. Stay strong and positive!



Thanks Dawn :)


Am so sorry to hear your sad news Delina. It is always a shock to hear about friends and family passing away so young, and when painful memories are evoked.

Well done for your positive approach and not caving in!

Stay strong!



Thanks everyone :)


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