109 year old women attributes her long life to ciggys and whisky

109 year old women attributes her long life to ciggys and whisky

This story and many others similar amaze me, how can some people live long healthy lives were ciggy,s and alcohol play a large part in there daily lives and do nothink to damage there health and others suffer very badly because of them. I was talking to a lady outside of Broadgreen Hosp: last week in a Wheelchair having a smoke, she made me laugh, a typical Liverpudlian, you know what girl she said the bloody Doctor just told me I should think about giving up me ciggys when I asked someone to push me outside for a few drags, what! she said, I,m 91 next week, never been in Hosp: in my life until I tripped on the curb getting out of a taxi when I was going to McDonalds for a snack before I done my shopping, that soon shut him up she said. LOL

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  • Stories like this amaze me to! I,ve smoked for 45 years (i,m in the process of quitting, again!)

    But i never cough in the morning or any other time through smoking. I wonder why?

  • I am the same christine. never had a cough, can count on one hand the number of colds I,ve had in my life, have low blood pres: normal cholesterol levels and when i,ve had breathing test before operation,s they always say I have very strong lungs, so I dont know whats going on with this idea that all smokers are unhealthy because for some people it doesnt look like it. I have given up 7 mnths ago because I wasnt enjoying them anymore and couldnt see the point in smoking, I hate the smell of them now and wouldnt go back, I cant say I feel better because I didnt have problems when I was smoking. I can smell a lot better and have put weight on which I am happy about, I have not had any nicotine today and it hasnt bothered me, I have been using an e-cig and a low dose of nicotine in it. Mybe I am just lucky to give them up easily when some of our friends on this Forum are having a really bad time.Good luck with your attempt.


  • Hi, Thank you for your reply. I am knew to this site and am trying to find my way around...Yeah like you my body doesn,t seem to have been affected by my 45 years of smoking..And like you i,m trying to give up because i don,t enjoy it any more.I,m on champix at the moment.

    I know a few people who no longer smoke ciggies but use the electronic cigarette...I would like to do that myself but my doctor said no research has been done on it so he wouldn,t endorse it, saying how do we know their isn,t any damaging chemicals in it.? Have you managed to research it?


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