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Some More Tips For Staying 'Smokefree'

I love the word smokefree it is so modernly politically correct like the new names we are getting for our NHS trusts etc.

Anyway just the 'Easyway' to give up smoking, supposed to be the most successful stop smoking book ever.

I read it some years ago after my uncle read it and stopped a 40 a day habbit overnight and I thought "that's nice" and carried on smoking!

I have done lots of research about smoking and obviously stopping and thought it would be useful to include this book in that research so I read it again yesterday.

A couple of things stood out for me:

1. If you want to quit you have to promise yourself that whatever happens you will never smoke another cigarette as long as you live. Sounds easy, I know a lot of people prefer to set small goals and whatever works for us individually, but this hit home for me. And when you explore that statement it is quite easy. You get a craving or a thought of having a smoke and you just say no chance I'll be doing that again.

2. This backs up the first point. Instead of thinking about just one cigarette think about what one cigarette would lead to, I have thought that several times in previous quit attempts and it always led back to 20 a day again. Also think of the cost if you started smoking say for another year as I did, so think only one cigarette will cost me over a thousand pounds!

3. Try to think of cravings as a positive thing ie a sign that you are recovering from an addiction, that you are not in that trap any more and how you are stronger than the cravings. Sounds odd but I have been thinking this way today and it really helps.

Finally he does say that you are not allowed any NRT of any kind so obviously the man was completely insane, but seriously it goes to show that if we take bits and pieces of information and advice from various sources we can find our ways through these things. Hope this helps.

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Me too tip 2 is definitely true and it is funny how our minds deceive us when we are thinking I'll just have one.


I've never read that book but that was what got Wonder to stop and she's never looked back and comes on from time to time to extol the books' virtues (and to let us know that she is still smoke free) Just brilliant and great to see her when she pops on. :)

Myself, I didn't do too much research but found this site and jumped straight in. I always knew that once I did it I couldn't go back so had worked out number one for myself. The thought of number two now is prohibitive. :o Number three is a tip picked up from our Emjay on here. :) As for your final paragraph, I always knew that when I did it I would go cold turkey - so I am probably insane too! :o :D :D


I could never have done cold turkey I would have smoked more just to make sure I hadn't missed out on anything in the 10 minutes I had managed to quit for! So good on you, I know some people that did cold turkey, but it goes to show again it is whatever works for us as individuals. Hopefully we will all get there in the end.


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