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Have you got any hint or tips on using NRTs ??

We are all in the same situation, as in we want to quit the dreaded weed !!

So you may have found erm a more comfortable way to use NRT, then if you have please tell us :) :) like this -

If you are using patches, put it under your pillow before you go to bed at night, then it will be at nearly your body temperature in the morning, so may stick to you better :) :)

Do you get my jist :) :)

Come on you lovely people, let us know :) :)

It may just help somebody that is finding it hard :( :(

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Quick Mist mouth spray :)

I use this now, instead of the inhalator and found it gave me hiccups :D :D but if you pull your cheek out with a finger, then spray it on the inside of your cheek, you dont get the hiccups :) :) just magic :) :)


This is a great idea for a post Pete :-)

Quick Mist Mouth Spray (again)

Apparently the Quick Mist spray can be quite intense and so it may be best to try just a little at first until you become accustomed to it. Having spoken to Jane, another of our Stop Smoking Advisor's, the best way to do this is as follows;

1. Give the mouth spray a good shake beforehand, so as to prime the spray

2. Spray once to ensure that it sprays - rather than squirts

3. Spray once into the palm of your hand

4. Using a clean finger, rub some of the sprayed Quick Mist from the palm of your hand onto either your gum or the front of your tongue


Hi Emjay, thanks for blogging this, have tried it and it works just as well as if you spray it :)

Thankyou Emjay, nice one gal :) :)


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