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Eating healthy when stopping smoking: Hints, tips and recipes

Hey Everybody,

On average, people who have given up smoking will only put on a small amount of weight. While preparing to stop smoking, think about starting a healthy eating programme at the same time :-)

I thought I would start a blog about healthy eating tips.

Please feel free to share any nice, tasty and healthy recipes that some of our other members may like to try.

Cooking healthy meals doesn't necessarily have to be hard or even expensive.

I shall have a look for you to see what I can find, or even recommend myself, but just to get things off the ground...

Remember the basics;

There are five food types that are essential for health;

1. Fruit and vegetables - eat at least five portions every day

2. Food containing fat and sugar - Keep these to a minimum

3. Milk and dairy foods

4. Bread, cereal and potatoes

5. Meat, fish and alternatives

You know you are eating a balanced diet if you're eating one third of fruit and vegetables, one third bread, cereal and potatoes. The remaining third is made up of meat, fish and alternatives, foods containing fat, sugar and milk and dairy produce.

Eating a balanced diet including at least 5 portions of fruit and vegetables each day helps you look and feel your best, maintain a healthy weight and can help protect you against developing cancer. A balanced diet is when you eat the right types of food in the right proportions and the right amounts.

This doesn't mean to say you can't have the things that you like, such as chocolates or your favourite tipple. Just as long as it's all in moderation :-)

Eat well - Look well :-)

Lets get healthy all round then :-)

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thanks emjay. At least its summer time (supposedly) so good time for all the fruit and veg.


I've discovered that buying frozen veg works out cheaper in the longrun and keeps it's goodness.

I've also found a nice list of healthy nibbly food:

Almonds,dried fruit (in moderation, fresh fruit is much better), fig rolls, frozen ice lollies, popcorn, rice cakes, the special k mini breaks I mentioned on the other thread (I live on these haha), but sadly I cannot find any decent substitute for crisps. If it's the savory crunch that's missing maybe have marmite on wholemeal toast? Jelly is another yummy treat, you can get zero sugar jelly but I personally think it's revolting lol.

I'm going to have a look online for some healthy recipes, all the ones I have I got from signing up with WeightWatchers so I'm not sure if I am allowed to share them on here (when in doubt, don't)? If I find any online would I be allowed to link them to their sites?

Rule of thumb I've worked out is if you want to eat healthy don't stop eating things you enjoy just eat in moderation. If you can replace a Mars Bar with a banana- that sort of thing; I am still learning about eating healthy but I am happy to share the info I learn if anyone's interested :) xx


now your talking Lenne, fig rolls yummy. and good idea with the ice lollies.


I've just come across some information that I think you might find useful. It's from the ASH website (Action on Smoking and Health)

Have a read and see what you think;

Study: Trying to quit smoking? Try eating more fruit and vegetables

According to a new study published in the journal Nicotine and Tobacco Research, eating more fruit and vegetables may help smokers trying to give up stay tobacco-free for longer.

The study found that smokers who consumed the most fruit and vegetables were three times more likely to be tobacco-free for at least 30 days at follow-up 14 months later than those consuming the lowest amount of fruit and vegetables. These findings persisted even when adjustments were made to take into account age, gender, race/ethnicity, education, household income and health.

There is also a link that supports the above;


Enjoy a good bit of reading folks :-)


I've found this charming blog, with some rather interesting healthy recipes! Just ignore all the point stuff it's not important, but it is healthy and interesting. Healthy curry??! Who'd have thunk it?! There's breakfasts, snacks, lunch- all rather delish.



Hi ,hope this is ok..this is a link to a site i use quite a bit..lots of healthy recipes :)



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