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Having troubles sleeping any advice?

So I'm new to this site, I recently quit smoking 6/06/15 I decided to quit because I kept getting some pretty bad throat problems, where after smoking for a few days my throat would start hurting extremely bad to the point where it hurt to swallow, so I decided enough is enough and I quit cold turkey. I haven't had any throat pains since I've quit and the withdrawals weren't as bad as I expected them to be at first, but sadly about a week ago I've started getting some pretty bad sleeping problems, where some nights I can't even sleep at all, which causes me to get anxiety.. and then I end up staying up until around 5am, and eventually I just pass out from exhaustion for about 4 hours.

Other days I'm able to fall asleep, but I always end up waking up around 3 hours later, and I have to lay there for a couple more hours to fall back asleep again or just get up. Now I'm willing to suffer through this just to stay away from cigarettes, but my problem is I already deal with a lot of anxiety and depression in my life not caused by quitting alone, but I've always dealt with anxiety in general. I think quitting has caused my anxiety to heighten a lot more also though, because it hasn't been this bad in a while. So this lack of sleep has really been bringing me down and making it a lot more hard for me to live a normal day to day life.

So I was wondering if you guys would be willing to give me some of your methods that have helped you sleep? Maybe some meditation techniques you use, or anything that helps you sleep better so i can try and find something that will help me. I appreciate it a lot. This past week has been extremely hard for me, and filled with anxiety. Any tips would be greatly appreciated, thank you very much :)

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Hi there! So sorry about your frustration with sleeplessness!! There are some really good balancing breathing techniques on you tube along with meditations. These have really helped me fall asleep faster and stay asleep. I also started taking ashwagandha 460 mg 2x day. Also since i started looking for breathing techniques on you tube to detox lungs, I got curious about YOGA , I've been doing that too! You might need to check with your doctor first in case you are on other medications for your anxiety. This too shall pass. I am 67 days cigarette smoke free!

Be gentle with yourself and nurture yourself. Take long baths, breath, do yoga or some form of body movement, drink lots of water, eat lots of vegetables and fruits, eat nourishing foods take a multivitamin.

remember you deserve to have a smoke free life too! Good luck and lots of love to you!!


Hi Jesse and welcome to quit support😊

well done on your quit, you're doing ever so well😊

I really feel for you as I know how difficult it is when you can't sleep and unfortunately it is a common side effect of quitting. Anxiety is another side effect as well. I can tell you these will pass but right now it's very hard. Camomile tea is very useful before bed to help you relax and hopefully nod off. There are some breathing excercises on here and they are also very helpful. If you go into posts and on the left of that are pinned posts you will see them. Hope this helps😊x


Hiya macy and welcome to quit support😊

Well done on 67 days quit, brilliant👍🏼 and thankyou very much for your good advice and taking the time to help😊x


Aup Macy409 and a big warm welcome to you toooo :) and thank you very much for coming on here and giving one of our new members some great advice :) :)

Am just wandering Macy, is your quit date 27th April 2015 :o cos then I can add you to the Wall of Winners and give you a Winners badge :) :)

Hope to see ya soon macy :) Pete :)


Yes April 27th 2015 Today makes 67 days!


Thank you Macy for confirming your quit date :) and as you see, your now the PROUD owner of a 2 month Winners badge :) :)

I hope you like it :) and just remember NOPE, Not One Puff Ever :) Your doing ever so well Macy, you really are :) :)

Hope to speak soon :)


Hi Jesse 😃

Well done on your quit nearly 4 weeks 🎉🎉

I suffer from insomnia in general ( I work shifts and often find it difficult to switch off) but when I quit it became more of an issue. I tried various herbal remedies none of which seemed to help, I'm not sure if you're in the UK but Boots do ones and I have found them to help. They don't make you drowsy but like you I would sleep for a few hours, waken then lie there for hours. Now I still wake up but quickly go back to sleep 😴

It does sort itself out in time but if you feel that nothing is helping go and visit your doctor he may prescribe a mild sedative just to get you over this 😊

Keep strong you can do this



I never had a problem going or staying asleep until I quit. After the 1st week i did not sleep more than 3 hours at a time. I woke feeling refreshed and figured it was my new normal, and after the 3rd week was able to go back to sleep for a short period. after the 4th week i was a zombie, and went to the DR, changed up some of my meds and now after 10 weeks, i am sleeping better, without any sleep aids


Hi ya Jesse693, a big warm welcome to you and a massive great big well done to you for reaching very nearly 1 whole month quit :) :) and flippin cold turkey tooo, I take my hat off to you for that :)

I see you've met some of our lovely members and they've given you great advice :) :) as Briarwood has said, we have a breathing exercise on here to help with sleeping :) and if you cant find it, just give me a nudge and I will repost it for you :) :)

If you look to the right of your post, you will see TOPICS - have a nosey through the ''hint & tips'' section :)

Take care now Jesse and remember NOPE, Not One Puff Ever :)

Pete :)


Hi Jesse, well done on your quit...... whoohoo😃

Try taking a warm bath before you go to sleep and put something lavender in it coz that helps you.... I Also have a lavender Yankee candle the small one you put in a holder... I unwrapped it and keep it by my bed, the smell of lavender helps me to relax 😃😃

Good luck with it 😁😁



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